The Too Faced x Kandee Johnson Eye Palette Is A Perfect Pink Wonderland

It's a pink wonderland and it's exactly what you expected. Too Faced and beauty influencer Kandee Johnson have teamed up for the I Want Kandee collection, which cruises into Ulta on Sept. 3. The range features liquid lippies, highlighters, a Banana Pudding Powder, and the Too Faced x Kandee Johnson eyeshadow palette, which could end up being the most popular product in the collection. That's because it's full of wearable and pigmented neutrals, pinks, and purples.

The color palette shouldn't shock you since Too Faced is known for its unwavering love for soft and pretty pink shades. Johnson is also a pinkaholic and usually rocks bright pink lips or hair, although she is currently slaying a mermaid-inspired hair hue.

According to the description on the brand's site, the I Want Kandee eye palette boasts 15 exclusive matte, satin, and shimmer shades. You can mix and "matte" until you find your perfect combo.

Of course the palette smells like candy, since Too Faced's products always smell yummy enough to eat.

The delicious colors are matched by equally delish names. If you don't already have a sweet tooth, expect to develop one with this palette.

Courtesy of Too Faced

Here's another look under the hood. The layout of the shadows is not an accident. They are broken into three "candy clusters," each featuring four colors. That makes for easy use; these pairings are primo and do the work for you. You can apply, blend, and go without having to think about it.

But, of course, you can totally ignore these suggested shade pairings and do your own thing.

The palette will cost $45, for those of you keeping score at home.

Here's a peek at the other items in the Too Faced x I Want Kandee collection.

The creamy Highlighter Stick is perfectly pink... because of course it is.

Thanks for the excitement, Kandee. Blue hair, don't care!