What Happened In 'Scandal's 100th Episode? Olivia's Universe Got Turned Upside Down

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

If there's anything Shonda Rhimes excels at — besides creating shows with crazy plot turns that almost always make me cry — it's pulling off an amazing 100th episode, and on Thursday night, she did it again. This time, it's Scandal's turn, and as the show celebrated the major milestone, it gave us an alternate universe that is nothing like what we're used to seeing on the show. So what happened in Scandal's 100th episode? There's no better way to answer that question other than "a lot."

The biggest difference: Fitz and Mellie are split, and he decided to marry Olivia instead. They were supremely unhappy together and it all stemmed from Fitz not becoming president, since he was a talk show host instead. And as for Mellie? Yeah, she was married to Cyrus, who had it in his mind to make her the first female president. I can't even cope with how weird it was to see them kiss, and to answer your question — yes, Cyrus is still gay and even with James in this universe, but he's hiding it, and Mellie seemed none the wiser.

Oh, and Liv's gladiators? They're just her friends, and they're sweet as can be. Abby and David are married, while Huck is obsessed with a show similar to The Bachelor starring Quinn, who was still Lindsay Dwyer. Weird!

In the end, Mellie realizes that Olivia did what she had to do in Defiance to save Fitz, and Fitz gets over his drinking habits (and his brief hookup with Lindsay Dwyer after she appeared on his show!!!!!!) and realizes what's really important in his life. He and Olivia seem to live happily ever after, while Mellie is miserable. How does this keep happening to her?!

It was a seriously crazy ride, and really cool to see what could have been if Olivia hadn't made the decisions that she did. In the real world of Scandal today, things couldn't be more different, but maybe the same kind of happy ending is possible there, too?