Why 'Shadow Of Night' Will Get You Pumped AF For More 'A Discovery Of Witches'

A Discovery of Witches has been haunting its viewers ever since the spooky first season started. If you're new to the world of the witches, but like me, you're totally sucked in, then you might want to immerse yourself in the books that the Sky One showed is based on. Deborah Harkness is the mastermind behind it all, and what you've seen on TV is actually part of a trilogy. So, to gauge what might happen next, what goes on in book two, Shadow of Night?

As Bustle reported on Oct. 26, a second season of the show has yet to be confirmed, so that's even more of an excuse to go out to your favourite bookstore and find out Diana's fate for yourself. And while there are definitely some differences between the show and the book — the trilogy is told in the first person, for example — the trilogy will at least give you a pretty big indication as to where the show might go next. And, as you'll see with the Shadow of Night, the next act immediately picks up from where Diana and her sexy vampire BF left off.

Back in Tudor London, Diana and Matthew go in search for the rare Ashmole 782 manuscript, all while trying to track down the witch who has the ability to teach Diana how to control her powers. Matt and Di are then joined by some well known names too, including playwright Christopher Marlowe and mathematician Thomas Harriot, as Matthew reclaims his former identity as poet and spy for Queen Elizabeth. An interesting combo. However, he eventually falls back in with the bad crowd known as the School of Night." Who knew Marlowe was so shady?

Writer of the 50 Shades series E.L. James is a fan if that's anything to go by. She wrote in her review for Glamour that the book is a bit like "A captivating and romantic ripping yarn". But if you've already ripped through this particular yarn, then there are some other Bustle-approved novels that are also particularly witchy.

Not quite in the 50 Shades way, unfortunately but there are some similarities, as Bustle wrote, in Shadow of Night, Matthew's dark past is revealed. "In order to get away from danger," Matthew leads Diana away from Tudor London, and "on an even more treacherous adventure back to the present."

Harkness began writing the trilogy as a kind of "thought experiment", as she told The New Zealand Herald back in 2011 . The All Souls Trilogy was originally inspired by the slew of vampire fiction around the time of its creation, AKA Twilight time, as well as the "vampire and witch moment," Harkness had in her twenties, "courtesy of Anne Rice, whose books I read and loved," she said.

But All Souls seems a little bit more substantial. She's an expert on the Elizabethan era, according to Daily News, and Shadows of Night is another example of an exceptionally well imagined story set in the Elizabethan streets of London. So not just an entertaining read, but an educational one too. Not bad.