What Is Happening At Trump Tower? An Evacuation Is Taking Place


Even though the president-elect is not in New York, the lobby at Trump Tower was briefly evacuated Tuesday afternoon while police investigated a suspicious package, NBC 4 New York reported. A spokesperson for the NYPD tweeted that the evacuation was happening "out of an abundance of caution," and an all-clear was given quickly, just after 5 p.m. ET. In the end, the bag was not a threat. It contained children's toys, WABC reported.

A video on Twitter shows police rushing people out of the building from inside the lobby, and another captures the scene from outside the building as police direct people to "get out of here" and pleading that "everybody move." The suspicious backpack was in the public area of the tower, not behind the security perimeter established to protect Donald Trump and his family.

The NYPD weighed in on the matter after the all clear was given, tweeting, "Suspicious package at Trump Tower has been examined by NYPD Bomb Squad. Deemed to be an unattended bag and safe."

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