Lillian Luthor Has A New Plan On 'Supergirl'

The CW

What should have been a warm family reunion turned sour on Supergirl when Jeremiah Danvers aligned himself with Cadmus. Not only that, but a new plot is brewing that Kara's whole team will have to deal with soon enough. What is Lillian Luthor's plan on Supergirl? It involves a list, a space ship, and a suspicious deal struck between Jeremiah and Lillian.

In Monday's episode, Jeremiah stole the DEO's alien registry. Considering how Lillian feels about extraterrestrials on Earth, this won't end well. The mysterious box that she lifted from Lex Luthor's vault probably won't help things either. While he insists to Alex that he's doing what he's doing to protect her and Kara, it seems clear that more happened to Jeremiah Danvers in captivity at Cadmus than a mere bionic arm. It's also clear that he doesn't know his own daughters anymore. Neither of them need protecting.

According to TVLine, the upcoming Luthor story mirrors the national conversation about immigration. Maybe Lillian is going to attempt to deport all alien life on Earth. With so many aliens arriving on Earth from planets that have been completely destroyed or ravaged by war, this is a major issue. I'm not sure she has the political power to accomplish that, especially when the President herself is either an alien or being impersonated by one, but Lillian might try to do it by force. That puts Jeremiah in an interesting position. Would he support the deportation of his own daughter?

There's also the fact that Lillian's daughter Lena appears to be one step ahead of everyone as well. Is it possible that all of these parents have underestimated their children? I have no idea where any of this is heading on Supergirl, but I'm on board for the ride.