The #HollywoodAtHome Challenge Will Be The Reason You’re Dressing Up On Zoom This Weekend

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Keeping yourself occupied during lockdown can be an arduous task, but some creative Instagram users are utilising the time by recreating some classic Hollywood looks. From Rita Hayworth to Audrey Hepburn, people are swishing those cat eyes adorned with a soft glow filter to emulate these classic stars of the silver screen. So here's how to do the #hollywoodathomechallenge, because who doesn't want to feel this glamorous?

You may think that, as we're on lockdown, finding the right outfits and makeup for a Hollywood look will be quite a daunting task. But this challenge – started by CEO of Grain Media Alex Moore and writer, director, and comedian Jack Howard – is all about utilising what you've got at home and channelling the essence of your favourite actors. By all means, if you have the glitz and glamour at your disposal, go for it. But if copying the nuances of, say, Marilyn Monroe's makeup and wardrobe is a little daunting, all it takes is a little red lipstick and a bit of eyeliner to pull off her sophisticated charm.

So once you've picked your icon, all thats left to do is pick a photograph of them and decide how you're going to recreate their pose. Once you've got your shot, upload it side by side with the original or however you prefer, and tag it with the #hollywoodathomechallenge.

Here are a few examples to get your started:

While the hashtag is relatively new, more and more people are posting their favourite characters and actors with gusto. Why not join in on the fun and recreate some iconic scenes and photographs?

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