Remember Debbie Reynolds By Supporting This Charity

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you want to honor Debbie Reynolds, don't do it with flowers — they apparently always made her sneeze anyway. During the public memorial service for Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher, there has been much talk about how to honor these two incredible actors, and the best way is to donate to the organization Reynolds' was president of for most of her life. If you're wondering what is The Thalians organization? Wonder no more.

Founded by a group of Hollywood actors that included Reynolds in 1955, The Thalians is an organization dedicated to educating the world about mental illness in hopes of destigmatizing it so those suffering can find help without judgment. The group is named after the Goddess of Comedy, Thalia, and became one of Reynolds' most passionate causes.

Always a humanitarian, the Singin' in the Rain star took on the mantle of president in 1957, and spent every day afterwards fighting to raise money and awareness of mental health issues. In fact, in lieu of flowers, Reynolds' friends and family are asking fans not to leave flowers or stuffed animals on her or Fisher's Hollywood stars. According to Ruta Lee, Reynolds' "sister in charity," a much more meaningful tribute to both women would be to donate to The Thalians.

There are even pins featuring the touching illustration by Ricky LaChance being sold at the memorial to support The Thalians. Since it was founded, the organization has been instrumental in helping people suffering from mental health issues. From helping to build L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Hospital to throwing lavish fundraisers that raised money and awareness for decades, Reynolds work for The Thalians was life-changing for her and every person who has benefited from her work.

If you feel moved to find a way to pay tribute to Reynolds and Fisher for all the ways they touched your life with their powerful performances, then consider giving to The Thalians. Though Reynolds is gone, her passion for helping people with mental illnesses will live on. The best way to honor Reynolds is by helping her continue her charity work.