What Non-Fans Should Do On Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is not for everyone. I know, I know: if you're a crazed football fan, that might be hard for you to fathom. But if you don't follow the sport, don't have an allegiance to a team that's playing, and don't swoon over an all-day appetizer coffee table buffet, the Super Bowl is really nothing to get excited over. But, with all your friends having made plans to watch, the question becomes: What is one supposed to do during the Super Bowl if they don't want to watch the Super Bowl?

So if you're not really into the whole national obsession, that's OK, don't let your friends peer pressure you into joining their Sunday chaos. Friends don't make friends watch the Super Bowl! You're not obligated to watch the game, or even care about the game. And considering the current state of things, you might not feel like your priorities are sitting around someone's living room and shouting at a screen or getting heartburn from eating too many spicy foods. And you know what? That's totally understandable. To each her own.

Besides, while it might not seem obvious, there are plenty of things to do on Super Bowl Sunday besides actually watching the game or going to a party. The world spins on, and there are all kinds of more interesting things you can get yourself into. Here are a few totally football-free ideas:

Go Shopping

If you've been meaning to head to the mall but usually want to avoid the crowds, Super Bowl Sunday is your day to go! While everyone's at home watching the game, get your shop on. Take your time going in and out of stores and trying things on with out an hour-long wait for the fitting rooms.

Marathon A New Show

Well if the rest of the country is on the couch all day, you can be too. But you don't have to watch football — instead, start a new show and spend the day plowing through it! No judgment!

Go For A Hike

Check out local parks and recreations site for a hike near you and then bundle up and head out for the day. Enjoy some serious peace and quiet, just make sure you let a friend know where you're going before you head out alone.

Rearrange Your House

If you've been meaning to find the time to rearrange your room and turn your living room upside down, now is the time! You've got the whole day of no distractions to make your living space more accommodating for you.

Read A Book

All of your friends are at parties or bars and have their attention turned into the game. So, your phone — for once — might be quiet. Take this rare gift of silence and read a book. From morning until night, spend the day getting lost in a book.

Bake Something You Normally Wouldn't

Pick a super hard recipe, get all the ingredients and spend the afternoon perfecting it. You'll learn something new and you'll have a reward to celebrate.

Take Yourself Out To Dinner

If you want to get out of the house but want to avoid running into football madness, take yourself out for a nice dinner. Go somewhere that doesn't have TVs on the wall and enjoy a quiet dinner with some time to think.

Have A Craft Day

Head to your local craft store and fill up the supplies needed for a few projects you've had your eyes on. Whether it's a make up organizer, a beaded necklace, or even a spice garden, get your hands dirty and spend the day creating.

Make A Pizza

If you're having a little bit of FOMO about all of the tasty cheesy things your friends are getting to eat at Super Bowl parties, consider making your own. Pick something delicious like pizza and take your time making it from scratch. Enjoy the finished product while watching a movie.

Go To A Museum

Sunday is a perfect museum day, but typically most people will agree which means big crowds and long lines. But even museum folk like the Super Bowl, so head there at your leisure and enjoy all the art without all of the lines.

Go To The Movies

With the Oscars coming up, there are probably a few movies that you've been dying to see but have never find the time for. Take yourself on a movie date this Sunday and enjoy all the popcorn and none of the sharing. Opt for a double feature while you're at it!


Because most of the people you know are going to be busy all day anyway, consider spending the day away from your phone. Take it a step further and consider actually turning your phone off, closing your computer and spending the day meditating, doing yoga, walking around or writing and reflecting.