PacSun's Latest Denim Line Is California-Inspired


If you're in the "New Year, New You" swing of things, it probably means you're in the mood to update your wardrobe. The retailer known for offering cool, casual, and Cali-inspired clothing is about to bring you a new line of denim to lust over. As an exclusive collection, PacSun is launching a new denim line for both women and men that is inspired by vintage L.A. denim.

Hence the inspiration for the line, it is manufactured in Los Angeles and is called LA. EDIT. You won't have to wait long as it launches in store and online Thursday, Jan. 12. The collection includes 18 difference pieces that range from skirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and T-shirts. Made with meticulous, hand-crafted detailing, each piece feels vintage and features hems, removed waistbands, and fun art/paint splatters.

Some of the women's items include seamed shorts, hem long pants, and a skirt with super-cool pockets. This one-of-a-kind collection will only be available at PacSun stores and is reasonably priced with items ranging from $54 to no more than $110. If you're looking for a serious revamp on your denim collection, PacSun has a few unique pieces that could look great for the winter and even into the spring.

1. Embroidered Long Bottoms


Embroidered Long Bottoms, $99, Pacsun

Look at the detailing on those embroidered rose patches!

2. Moved Pocket Skirt


Moved Pocket Skirt, $59, Pacsun

This is a new take on the classic jean skirt.

3. Redone Seamed Short


Redone Seamed Short, $99, Pacsun

These will be perfect for the spring and summer.

4. Washed Black Step Hem Long Bottoms


Washed Black Step Hem Long Bottoms, $79, Pacsun

High-waisted and perfectly cropped is a great combo for jeans.