What's In Sigma Beauty's New Lip Gloss Sets? Lippie Lovers Will Fawn Over These Kits

If there is one major makeup takeaway from 2016, it's that lipgloss is back and it's back for good. With tons of brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced rolling out glosses recently, it looks like the lippie is here to stay. If you're totally hyped about the resurrection of the gloss in 2017 than you're likely wondering — what's in Sigma Beauty's new lip gloss sets?

If you are not familiar with Sigma Beauty, I suggest you do so ASAP, because they've got tons of unique makeup items for affordable prices. The brand is launching two new kits: the Dazzle Set and the Glaze Set. Each set contains five gorgeous glosses of various shades and finishes. The Dazzle Set is all about fun vibrant colors and is comprised of Sheila, an electric pink, Eleven, a purple orchid, Steady Glow, a soft tangerine, Get Ready, a goldish peach, and Dazzing, a super shimmery bronze and my personal favorite. The Glaze Set celebrates pastel hues with Skinny Dip, a subtle orange-y pink, Chill Out, a bubblegum pink, Slip, a peachy nude, Vivid, a true watermelon, and Tender, a sheer candy pink.

Feast your eyes on the stunning new lipgloss sets below.

Dazzle Set

Sigma Beauty

These super vibrant colors practically scream Spring.

Sigma Beauty

Nude-based pastels are perfect for everyday wear.

Sigma Beauty's lipgloss sets are set to launch on Jan. 23, so mark your calendar now!