Where To Buy Zoella Beauty's Core Collection

Get those wallets ready, because more Zoella Beauty products are coming to the United States. The brand, which is based in the UK, has slowly been releasing more items abroad, and now there's more than ever. According to their Instagram, you can now shop the entire Zoella Core Collection at Target. What's in the Core Collection, you ask? You won't believe how many goodies you can now get in the states.

Zoella Beauty gave everyone in the US an early holiday gift when they launched a few of their items on the Target website in November of 2016. But now it's getting even better. You can now shop 12 of the company's bath and beauty products on the Target website as well. That's the entire entire Core Collection, to be exact.

The first item that the brand launched at Target was the Ginger Bread Fizz bath bomb. While you can still get the holiday-themed item, you can now add everything from a solid fragrance to body moisturizer to your cart as well. The line also features a body scrub, bath fizz, shower gel, and a fragrance. The Core Collection is only a small part of what the Zoella brand has to offer, but it's definitely a great start for US fans.

Ready for the best part? Everything in the Core Collection is less than $15. The line ranges from $4.50 to $12. It's almost too good to be true. This is a solid set of basics from the line too. Everything from bath to beauty is accounted for.

According to the Instagram post, these items will be available in store and online. So whether you're looking to do some online shopping or just pick some items up while you're there, you're completely covered. As if you needed another excuse to do some Target shopping!

Fingers cross that this means the entire collection is on its way as well. The more Zoella Beauty items sitting on my sink the merrier!