What's Leaving Netflix In May 2018 Is Bittersweet, But You Still Have Time To Say Goodbye

Liz Minch/Bustle; Netflix

In May, spring usually makes its season finale before summer temperatures premiere. You may feel a bit sad bidding the temperate weather adieu, but that's probably not the saddest goodbye you have to say next month. The saddest farewells will probably go to all of the movies and shows leaving Netflix in May 2018. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to catch most of the movies leaving Netflix. For instance, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is leaving Netflix on May 12, which means that you can schedule a farewell viewing before it goes to whatever abyss movies that Netflix doesn't offer reside.

If you're feeling especially down about the fact that such great movies are leaving Netflix soon, don't worry. The constant cycling of Netflix's content is as natural as the seasons changing. It's like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide, or even the turning from night to day. It may seem like a loss, but really it's not so bad because a whole new set of series and movies will also arrive on Netflix in May. See? It's just like life, for which change is constant. You probably didn't expect a conversation about a streaming service to get so philosophical, but then again, Netflix is life, so it actually makes sense.

1. 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

The rom-com staple that never fails to make you laugh is sadly leaving Netflix soon. That's such a Daniel Cleaver move. (May 1)

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2. 'Ocean's Eleven'

The heist movie that started Steven Soderbergh's series will soon go away like it's a bag of money in a casino. At least you have Ocean's 8 to look forward to. (May 1)

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3. 'To Rome With Love'

The Woody Allen movie starring Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin, and Jesse Eisenberg will soon say "arrivederci." (May 1)

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4. 'Charlotte's Web'

If you're a fan of watching unlikely animal friendship videos on YouTube, then you must make sure to watch Charlotte's Web before it leaves Netflix. It's the greatest story of a spider and a pig that you'll ever see. (May 1)

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5. 'GoodFellas'

Martin Scorsese's 1990 mob movie is legendary for a reason. If only it could stay on Netflix for weekly viewings forever.

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6. 'The Hurt Locker'

The war movie that earned Kathryn Bigelow an Academy Award for Best Director — the only woman to receive the award as of 2018 — will soon depart from the streaming site. It's a shame, considering how momentous the film is. (May 1)

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7. 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'

This 2005 horror movie stars Jennifer Carpenter, Laura Linney, and Tom Wilkinson, and you'd better watch it now before it disappears like a demon in the night. (May 1)

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8. 'Sahara'

The 2005 adventure movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Penélope Cruz, and Steve Zahn. (May 1)

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9. 'Casper'

The movie that brought you both "the friendliest ghost" and Christina Ricci as Kat will soon leave Netflix. Let's just hope it comes back for Halloween. (May 1)

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10. 'Field Of Dreams'

He built it, then they came. Now, Field of Dreams must go. If you can schedule in a last-minute viewing, you should because this movie is so magical. (May 1)

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11. 'Camp Rock'

This photo shows the face that Joe Jonas makes when he hears Demi Lovato sing while he hides outside in a bush. At least that's what his character does in Camp Rock, and it's glorious. (May 2)

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12. 'The Cheetah Girls'

The Cheetah Girls is a Disney Channel Original Movie classic, and it's so sad to see it go. Raven-Symoné, Adrienne Bailon (now Houghton), Kiely Williams, and Sabrina Bryan teach you everything you need to know about friendship and hip-popping in it. (May 2)

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13. 'High School Musical'

Wait, what happened to "We're all in this together?" You're just gonna leave us like this, High School Musical? The DCOM that introduced the world to Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu will be missed from Netflix. (May 2)

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14. 'My Fake Fiancé'

Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence star in this ABC Family (now Freeform) original movie from 2009. The two's characters get married only to score the wedding gifts from friends and family — don't act like you haven't thought of doing that. (May 2)


15. 'Phineas & Ferb' Seasons 1-4

Not only are a bunch of Disney Channel Original Movies leaving Netflix in May, but the network's show Phineas and Ferb will leave as well. (May 2)

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16. 'Revenge Of The Bridesmaids'

Raven-Symoné and JoAnna Garcia Swisher star in the made for TV movie about two women who get revenge against their friend's ex-boyfriend's fiance. (May 2)

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17. 'Cadet Kelly'

It's a sad day when a DCOM leaves Netflix, and it's especially sad when that DCOM is Cadet Kelly, which stars Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano. (May 2)

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18. 'High School Musical 2'

The second High School Musical has even better basketball choreography than the first one. It's so sad to see it go from Netflix. (May 2)

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19. 'Beauty & The Briefcase'

Hilary Duff plays a writer who goes undercover to observe dating in the workplace, and that sounds like the perfect movie to watch right now. Sadly, it's leaving Netflix soon so you'd better act fast. (May 2)


20. 'Princess Protection Program'

The movie that brought you Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato together is DCOM at its finest, and now it must go into whatever protection program that former Netflix movies hide in.

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21. 'Cow Belles'

Aly and AJ Michalka star in this movie about two heiresses who are sent to live on their family's farm. Think The Simple Life, but with a little added drama and fewer "That's hots." (May 2)

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22. 'The Cheetah Girls 2'

It only makes sense that if the first Cheetah Girls left Netflix, the second would follow. That logic doesn't make it any less heartbreaking, though. (May 2)

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23. 'Jump In!'

Corbin Bleu stars in Jump In!, and even though you won't be able to watch the movie on Netflix soon, you can always watch his music video for "Push it to the Limit" over and over and over again. (May 2)

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24. 'Little Einsteins' Seasons 1-2

The Disney Channel show, Little Einsteins, will soon leave Netflix too, and now it seems like parents might have to learn how to have the "Netflix talk" with their children in order to properly explain why some shows leave the site. (May 2)

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25. 'Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior'

Brenda Song plays a girl who has special powers after she realizes that she's the reincarnation of an ancient female warrior who must save the world. It's pretty awesome. (May 2)

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26. 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Seasons 1-5

Every season of Freeform's original show starring Shailene Woodley will soon leave Netflix. If you plan to spend your weekend watching a show, you might want to make it this one before you lose your chance. (May 2)


27. 'Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie'

In this Disney movie, a 16 year-old witch wishes that her parents never met, and after it ends up coming true, she has to fix things to make her life go back to normal. (May 2)


28. '12 Dates of Christmas'

Amy Smart stars in this made for TV movie about two people who have 12 first dates at Christmastime. It might sound like a horror movie, but it's actually a rom-com. (May 2)


29. 'The Host'

Saoirse Ronan stars in this 2013 thriller that will definitely give you nightmares. (May 7)

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30. 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby'

Some might say this is Will Ferrell's best comedy, and they definitely could be right. Sadly, it's going to race on by come the middle of next month. (May 12)

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31. 'The Jungle Book'

The live-action version of the Disney classic had a great run on Netflix, but it's time for that to end. Luckily, you have until the end of May to continue watching it before it goes. (May 30)

It's always so sad to see great movies and shows leave Netflix. The good news is that a bunch of new titles will arrive in May, so focus on that if you need uplifting news.