What’s Open On Labor Day 2018? You Can Beat The Heat During The Holiday Weekend At These Places

While Labor Day is definitely a time for beaching and adventuring and relaxing to the maximum, not everyone is off the grid and on vacation mode. Some of us still need to get things done over the holiday weekend, so knowing what's open on Labor Day 2018 could be the difference between a complete fail or completely productive weekend for many. Whether you've got packages to mail, fall clothes to splurge on, or snacks to load up on, you'll want to know what your options are ahead of time. Before you know it, the holiday weekend will be in full swing and all things fall will be waiting on the other end of it.

It's always hard to anticipate what kinds of businesses will be open on three-day weekend holidays. Some stores that you'd think would be closed are not only open, but hosting major blow-out sales. Other stores that you'd assume stayed open no matter what, are completely closed. So here I've done the research for you and made of a list of what you can expect to be open on Labor Day. If you study the list and plan ahead, you should have no trouble getting all of the fun and productivity out of the weekend that you want. Generally, schools, banks, government buildings, and postal services are closed on Labor Day, but retail stores, grocery stores, drug stores, bars, malls and movie theaters are all open for business on Labor Day. Here are a few specific places that are likely on your daily grind that you might be wondering about.

Whole Foods

You can shop for organic groceries or simply raid the baked a la carte cookie bar freely on Labor Day. No need to stock up on snacks ahead of time.


Not only will Target be open, you can expect some epic Labor Day sales, too.


Does Walmart ever close? It will be open all weekend for all of your last minute Labor Day party needs.


Pets don't take holidays. Petsmart will be open as usual.


Kohl's is running all kinds of end-of-summer sales, so be sure to stop by and take full advantage.


H&M will be running so many sales this holiday weekend, if there was ever a time for a back-to-school fall shopping spree, it's definitely now!

T.J. Maxx

Not only will the store be open, it will be debuting tons of new fall fashions that just arrived.


Of course McDonald's is open! Labor Day is the perfect time to get yourself a McFlurry or soft serve ice cream cone.

Burger King

The Burger King is definitely serving on Labor Day, what's more they're debuting some new jalapeño sandwiches.

Carvel Ice Cream

Carvel is open on Labor Day, serving your favorite cones, cups, shakes, sundae's and ice cream cakes all day.

Jamba Juice

Yes, you can get your juice on all day with regular store hours.


Stock up on party goods, same day, 7-Eleven is totally open.

AMC Theatres

If it's too hot out to sit in the sun, stay inside and see a movie.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's will be open as usual, serving delish samples as usual so that you don't have to shop hungry.


Spruce up your kitchenware and enjoy some holiday-timed sales, too.

West Elm

Shop for furniture while Labor Day sales are in action.


Enjoy Starbucks as per usual, and also enjoy their new cold brew that comes with protein powder to give it a little extra POW.


Back to school and back to work sales will be a plenty.

Rite Aid

There will be store-wide Labor Day sales to take full advantage of.