What's The Prize On 'MasterChef' UK? It's All About The Recognition & Earning The Title Of Britain's Best Amateur Cook

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If you're a fan of all-things cooking and baking, you're in for a quality evening thanks to the return of The Great Celebrity Bake Off and the finale of the 15th series of MasterChef tonight (March 26). Two hours of food-related content? Um, yes please. While I'll most likely be drooling over the fab dishes being prepared on both shows, I'm most looking forward to MasterChef to see which contestant will reign supreme this series. But what is the prize on MasterChef, and will the winner receive more than just the coveted title?

Similar to Bake Off, it's all about taking part and the recognition for reaching the top spot. Yep, unlike it's U.S. counterpart where the winner receives a whopping $250,000, the winner of the UK version is given the famous MasterChef trophy and the "recognition, prestige and exposure that is the main appeal of winning the contest," according to The Sun. Judging by what past winners have achieved from past series, the exposure they have received from the show is pretty equal to a monetary prize.

As The Sun reports, previous winners have gone on to publish their own cookbooks and open up restaurants and kitchens. For example, the first winner of MasterChef Thomasina Miers went on to become a co-founder of Wahaca, a chain of 25 Mexican restaurants across the UK. I'd say that's tad better than just receiving a monetary prize, wouldn't you?

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If that's got you thinking that you or someone you know that has a love for cooking would want to apply for the next series of MasterChef, well, you're in luck as applications for the next series are available to fill out. If you're over the age of 18 (as of September 2019), all you've got to do is head on over to MasterChef's official site and fill in the application form. "If you have a passion for cooking, then this is your opportunity towards a life-changing experience, and potentially a platform for which to launch a lifelong career in food," the form states.

"If you have always had a passion for cooking and believe you have what it takes to impress John and Gregg and join our Wall of Fame, then apply now." You have until Friday, Aug. 30 2019 to get your applications in, so as long as you are purely an amateur cook with a love for making food, you're pretty much all set to enter.

But even if you don't want to go through the process of being judged by John Torode and Gregg Wallace (let's be real, it's a scary thought), the beauty of MasterChef is that it also strives on encouraging viewers to be as interested and adventurous in cooking food as the contestants. I mean, there's a reason why the show has it's own dedicated section on Amazon where you can literally buy everything you need to become the MasterChef of your own kitchen. Talk about goals.

You can watch the finale of MasterChef tonight at 9 p.m. on BBC One.