Here's How Much Tom Brady Is Worth — And It's Way Less Than His Supermodel Wife

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are now in Minneapolis, and they'll go head-to-head in the most highly-anticipated football game of the year. As the two teams square for a rematch of their Super Bowl game 13 years ago, many viewers will be undoubtedly be wondering: What is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's net worth?

Touchdown Tom, as Brady is sometimes called, has some truly astonishing statistics under his belt. He's set the NFL records for division titles (14), playoff games started (34), playoff wins (25), playoff passing yards (9,094) and regular season wins by a starting quarterback. After the Patriots' win in Super Bowl LI — considered one of the greatest Super Bowl comebacks in NFL history — many argue that he should be considered best NFL quarterback of all time.

It's no surprise, then, that he has a boatload of money in the bank. According to Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest, Brady is worth an estimated $180 million.

That is a staggering amount of money. But it's not terribly surprising, given both Brady's NFL salary and the money he's made from endorsement deals. In 2016, Brady signed a two-year contract with the Patriots for a total of $41 million, which included a $28 million signing bonus. He also makes an estimated $7 million every year in endorsement deals on top of his salary.

In addition to all of the general records he's set during his time in the NFL, Brady has shattered several Super Bowl-specific records as well. He's won more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback (five) and has been named the Super Bowl MVP more times than any other player (four). Brady holds the record for Super Bowl appearances (seven), touchdown passes in Super Bowl games (15), and Super Bowl passing yards (2,071).

Brady's skill as a quarterback is beyond question. But in 2017, several writers for set out to answer another question: Is Brady not only the best quarterback of all time, but the greatest NFL player of all time in any position?

"Nobody has done it better," Adam Rank argued, noting that Brady has lifted many of his teammates to greatness through his own talents as a quarterback. "For more than 15 years, Brady has played with hundreds of different players — and seemingly made every single one of them better. Much better."

Several of the other analysts agreed. But some didn't, and made the argument that that, while Brady may be the best quarterback in the league's history, he's not the best overall player.

"Jerry Rice is the greatest player of all time," former cornerback Bucky Brooks wrote. "He completely revolutionized the wide receiver position, while setting mind-bending records — that still comfortably stand — in touchdowns scored (208), receptions (1,549) and receiving yards (22,895)... With respect to Tom Brady and some of the others who've stamped their name on the sport in an iconic way, I just don't think you can say they are at the standard in their respective positions that Jerry Rice is at receiver."

Others suggested that Jim Brown, Reggie White or Don Hutson should be considered the NFL's greatest of all time.

Regardless of whether or not he's best player in league history, Brady is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks. It makes sense, then, that his net worth is greater than the annual gross domestic product of several small countries, according to the World Bank.

Still, his bank account pales in comparison to that of his wife, supermodel extraordinaire Gisele Bündchen. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bündchen is worth a whopping $360 million — twice as much as her husband.