Trevor From 'The Bachelor: LTYH' Has Been Honing A Non-Musical Passion In Quarantine

He may be a musician, but after The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, Trevor has been honing his other passion: photography. The singer has a separate Instagram account for photos, but hadn't posted since December 2019. While stuck in quarantine, he's started posting more regularly. "Social distancing with a view," he wrote on March 27 alongside a pic of the ocean view from his DIY camper.

Since then, he's uploaded a few more shots, including some nature photography and a video of a carpentry project. He's also been using his extra down time to do some songwriting, including a recent track called "Better To You" in which he describes a desire to have better communication in relationships: "I wish I was a little bit better at saying how I feel, and telling you what's on my mind, even if it's hard to hear."

On May 3, Trevor celebrated his 30th birthday by reflecting back on the last 10 years. "My 20's were perfectly imperfect. I spent most of the decade just trying to figure out who I was. I made a lot of mistakes, but those mistakes always seemed to lead me somewhere great," he wrote. "I can proudly say I lived my 20's with no regrets. I’ve left no 'what ifs' on the table ... Now entering my 30’s I’m finally feeling so sure of myself and who I am. So grateful for another trip around the sun with the best friends and family I could ever ask for."

We'll have to wait until the Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart finale to find out if that trip around his next trip around the sun will include Jamie, but seeing her isn't the only thing on Trevor's to-do list once quarantine is over. First up? Surfing at his favorite spot. "Daydreaming about post quarantine beach days," he captioned a May 16 Instagram post.

Until that day comes, at least he has his camera, guitar, and dog to keep him company.