These Brow Pomades Will Give You Rainbow Brows In Seconds & OMG Need

Kat Von D Beauty is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The brand is working on an anniv collection. But it also continues to drop new products with incredible, fan-pleasing frequency. Kat Von D is dropping several brow products on Friday, April 20. It will basically be a KVD Brow Party at Sephora and via the Kat Von D Beauty site, which is where these products will be available.

Here's a rundown of what's on deck for your brows.

The Kat Von D Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade will arrive along with the Brow Struck Dimension Powder and Signature Brow Precision Pencil. The latter two products will be available in natural brow-toned shades and are meant for shaping and filling brows. The Super Brow? Well, that's a whole other story and Kat Von D-evotees are here for it.

While the brand usually traffics in gloriously goth and moody makeup, the Super Brow Pomade comes in 16 shades. In addition to seven neutral brow tones, there are seven bold and adventurous colors, like red, purple, yellow, green and blue. It's a rainbow of hues that are meant for creating unusual brow designs and artsy looks or for matching your brows to your hair.

There is also a White Out shade, which you can use to customize and mix your own shade. It's akin to the brand's Studded Kiss lipstick, which can turn any other lipstick shade up or down, depending on your mood and your overall look.

If you can't find the exact right shade for your skin tone or hair color in the neutral, brow-toned versions or are struggling to commit to one of the brighter hues, you have the option to mix and make your own! Studded Kiss in White Out is basically getting a sister in brow product form.

But wait… there's more. There is also a Bleach shade, which lets you bleach out your brow, per the caption on the brand's official Instagram.

The Super Brow is long-wearing — 24 hours. It's also weightless and waterproof. It's sweat-proof and doesn't fear precipitation. That's always a relief. Since the pomade comes in dramatic shades, you don't want to have green, purple, or yellow streams running down your face on hot and humid or rainy day.

The Super Brow comes with a firm-bristled, angled brush, which allows for tighter control when applying. The tapered handle multi-tasks — it can be utilized as a mixing spatula for when you want to create your own color. With 14 shades, the possibilities for color combos are endless.

The brand is also launching Brow Struck Dimension Powder. Here are the boxes this product checks off: It's waterproof, resists smudging, and boasts 3D reflective pigments meant to mimic actual hair. It comes in seven shades and can be applied with the stiletto-tipped brush. Fill, shape, and design your arch with what looks like a weapon because why not?

The Signature Brow Precision Pencil will also come in seven shades. It's majorly skinny, elliptical tip allows you to build hair-like strokes. You also maintain maximum control. It's waterproof and long-wearing, too!

The internet is so ready for Kat Von D brow products.

This user is seeking a solution and hopes the new KVDB assortment will be just that.

Fans were actively commenting on the Super Brow post. Many expressed excitement about the variety of colors, with others feeling a little bummed at not seeing something just right for them. But there is the option to combine shades, which is a creative and exciting endeavor, too.

Kat Von D-evotees are glad they can use a product designed for brows, rather than substituting with shadow to get a tinted or colored brow.

The prices are TBD as of press time. But colorful, sculpted brows are in your future courtesy of KVD.