When Are New MAC Lipglasses Coming Out? The Upgrade Is Happening Soon

Do. Not. Panic. According to a pair of Instagram posts by MAC Trainer and makeup artist Melissa Shiffer, MAC Lipglass is changing. Whoa! Lipglass is a staple pout product for the brand, so this sounds like big news. But chillax. If this is legit, it looks to be a packaging upgrade and a shade expansion, rather than a formula change.

Let out that sigh of relief, since the vanilla-scented Lipglass was the supremely sexy and shiny, yet never too sticky, lip gloss du jour of the '00s. Your truly remains an avid user of Lipglass and all MAC lippies, TBH. So when is the new and improved version of Lipglass, as posted by Shiffer, supposedly coming out?

According to one of Shiffer's captions, the new-look Lipglasses will launch on Thursday, Mar. 23. Shiffer also posted MAC is repackaging all of the original shades in a "double wall vial," along with new colors. Judging from her picture, the new Lipglass tubes appear longer, thinner, and made of glass.

Shiffer also suggested that favorite colors of other lip formulas will be resurrected in Lipglass form.

Bustle reached out to MAC PR reps to confirm the launch and further details about the new Lipglasses. MAC responded via email, writing, "This info has not officially been shared by MAC — stay tuned for details."

Here is Shiffer's first post, debuting the tubes and showing off the range of shades. This particular packaging reminds me of the Dazzleglass tubes.

Here is Shiffer's second post with some additional information. Go ahead and take it all in. If these changes are legit, I totally co-sign them.

For reference, here is the original packaging of Lipglass. While velvet, matte lips remains the most popular lip trend of 2017, gloss isn't going away. In fact, it's enjoying a resurgence. I know I am down with a super shiny, glassy-looking lip.

Images: Melissa Shiffer/Instagram (2); Courtesy of MAC (2)