Too Faced Melted Latex Lip Glosses Are Coming Soon

Too Faced Cosmetics

Get ready to melt even more with Too Faced. The brand is expanding its Melted Liquid Lipstick range again! Too Faced Melted Latex Lip Gloss is joining the regular shiny Melted lippies and the Melted Mattes. IMO, the Melted Mattes are some of the most comfortable wear liquid mattes I've ever worn and I've tried them all, from Kylie Lip Kits through Cryptic Cosmetics and Kat Von D Everlastings. So, when are the new Too Faced Melted Latex lippies coming out?

According to the latest sneaky peek from Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino, the Too Faced Melted Latex lippies drop in June and are part of the Fall 2017 lineup. Since fall is the time for richer, bolder lip looks, it makes sense for a super shiny, full coverage gloss like this to be a centerpiece of Too Faced's fall offerings. But you can play with them in summer, since fall launches always land in summer!

According to Blandino's Insta post, there are 12 shades to choose from. The photo he teased displays a hot pink, a coral, a pale pink, a violet, a plum, and a red shade. So you will have plenty of color choices.

Have a look at the latest Too Faced Melted Latex lippies, which come in the same tube with a wand as the Melted Mattes.

What's different about this version of the Melteds? Well, Blandino describes this particular formula as melted patent leather, with shiny, rich, thick glossy color. What do you need to take away from the creative guru's description? This: A strong, statement lip remains a trend for 2017.

The Melted Mattes come in so many colors. I am excited that the Melted range is getting a new texture and more colors. All good things!

Too Faced Cosmetics

The OG Melteds come in a squeeze tube with a sponge tip. They are thick, rich, and pigmented AF!

Welcome to the Melted family, Latex!