'Animal Kingdom' Season 3 Will Be Its Darkest Yet


Animal Kingdom Season 2 may be wrapping up on Aug. 29, but keep your shirt on. (Though knowing this show and the Cody brothers, it's probably already off.) The point is that the story is not over yet. Lucky for fans, Animal Kingdom was renewed for Season 3. While TNT has not announced an exact return date, the show will be back sometime in 2018 at the earliest.

The series, which takes organized crime to the beach, screams summer. The best guess is that Season 3 will air in May or June, like previous seasons, and end in August. TNT announced the premiere date for Season 2 in February, so hang tight. It may be several months before the specifics are worked out by the network, but Animal Kingdom is definitely coming back for another year.

When the show returns, it'll likely take an even darker path. Ellen Barkin's character, Smurf, is a killer now. She's in jail, Pope is doing his own thing, Baz is on the rise, and the family is getting torn apart by recent events that will only ramp up in the season finale.

The official TVGuide description for the episode teases that "Smurf pits her sons against one another when she realizes she may be in jail a lot longer than expected." Even if the matriarch manages to break out or walk out by the end of the episode, the damage has already been done.

The break between Season 2 and Season 3 will be a good time to cool down from so much drama. Animal Kingdom knows how to pack a punch, and while the finale is sure to leave fans wanting more, the next chapter in this dangerous drama should be worth the wait.