When Does Disney+ Launch In The UK? Because I Don't Plan On Leaving My Sofa For The Rest Of 2019


The name Disney instantly brings to mind images of princesses waltzing in big dresses and eff boy princes who don't deserve the women who love them. Or maybe it makes you think of swanky theme parks. Or maybe Pixar and all of its glory. Thing is, though, Disney actually makes a whole load of stuff and seems to be steadily taking over more and more companies. The huge expansion in recent years of the company means they are even making their very own streaming service. So when does Disney+ launch in the UK? Because you know you want all of the classics in one place.

Update: In a statement sent to Bustle UK, Disney announced that they will be rolling out Disney+ in Western Europe some time between Oct. 2019 and March 2020.

Previously: Sadly, as of yet, they have not announced a date for the UK, but they will be launching in the U.S. in Nov. 2019. I have reached out to the Disney reps to ask about when we might be getting Disney+ this side of the pond, and I'll let you know if I hear anything.

The move is absolutely huge though, and will be totally worth the wait. Not only will Disney+ be streaming all the hits but also, guys — it will have its own content. OMG, I know right? Anyone who has ever had to babysit or has a kid right now is looking to the sky and singing. Thing is, though, this platform will not just be for kids.

Disney famously now owns the Star Wars franchise and will be making a TV series based on the legendary films, the Radio Times reports. The Mandalorian will be the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series and will surely illicit nerd-gasms across the globe.

Lucas Films/Disney

As well as that, Disney make all those Marvel films for you to do your best superhero impression. And guys, a recent take over of 20th Century Fox means they will also be able to stream the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons — which everyone knows are the best seasons anyhow. Not to mention potential Hulu access as Disney are the majority owner of the streaming platform that produces shows such as The Act, Castlerock, and Shrill, according to Recode. According to CNN, they also now own ESPN and Indian streaming service Hotstar, which is fast growing to exceed its already enormous 300m subscribers.

So why the flipping wait? I don't know about you but hearing The Simpsons will potentially be available at the click of a button is, like, low-key tear inducing.


So, according to the BBC, the issue is that Disney has obviously sold the streaming rights of a lot of their films to established sites like Netflix, so it's currently "in the process of clawing back the rights to its content." Also, I guess they have to get to making all of this exciting new content, am I right?

Competition is rife in the streaming market right now, because, apart from free national platforms like BBC iPlayer, you also have the might Netflix and Prime Video to contend with, as well as new sites such as BritBox in the pipe line. And Apple are even throwing themselves into the ring with their upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+, which has a lot of celebrity clout behind it. Stephen Spielberg will be making a series, as will Reese Witherspoon, and guys — Oprah. Yes, Oprah will be working with them too, so expect a lot of "YOU get a show! And YOU get a show!" Their service will be available later this year.

Looks like 2019 is going to be a good year for staying indoors, and I am totally here for it.