The Kylie Shop's Free Domestic Shipping Is Here

The Kylie Shop Instagram

If you're looking for a sign to stock up on Kylie Jenner merch, this is it. According to the brand's Instagram post, The Kylie Shop is having free domestic shipping on March 3. That's not the end of the perks either. The deal might only be for 24 hours, but you'll be able to stock up on every single one of your favorites and even some new styles as well.

You just never know what Jenner will do next. She's constantly posting sneak peeks and creating new products, but this might be her best Kylie Shop surprise yet. According to Instagram, free domestic shipping starts March 3 at noon ET and continues for a full 24 hours. There's another two other parts to the announcement too.

Not only will you get free shipping on March 3, but the entire collection is being restocked. That means that not only will her most recent item be back up for grab,s but so will the items that she initially launched the first time around. Oh, and there's a brand new shirt as well. The limited edition Cheeks Tee features Jenner pulling down her jeans and, well, showing her cheeks. How's that for a surprise sale!

As you've probably already guessed, the free shipping is making the items fly off the shelves. Even though the site just restocked, the Fire, Thick, and Kylie Script Hoodies are already sold out. I'd head over there and shop before it's too late.

It makes sense that these items are flying off the shelves too. The main reason that people weren't buying, according to Twitter reactions, was because of the price. The shirts range from the $35 to $45 dollar range and the sweatpants go up to $80, which is a lot of money. Now that you don't have to pay for shipping, it makes the deal a little more appealing.

So what are you waiting for? Go stock up on all of your favorites before it's too late. After all, there's no telling when the free domestic shipping deal will be back.