This Is When You Can Get Too Faced x I Want Kandee

I want Kandee. You want Kandee. We all want Kandee. The Too Faced x Kandee Johnson I Want Kandee Makeup Collection, that is! The brand x beauty influencer collab is pretty expansive, featuring the heavily-hyped Banana Pudding Powder, as well as four, extra yummy Melted Matte lippies, a black eyeliner, and more. The collection will be available exclusively at Ulta. When can you buy the Too Faced x Kandee Johnson collection?

It arrives on Sunday, Sept. 3, which is right smack dab in the middle of Labor Day Weekend. What a terrific and colorful way to unofficially wrap up the Summer of 2017 — with a brand new makeup haul, designed by one of the most loved makeup mavens on the Interwebs!

I'm going to pause for a second so you can program a reminder in your phone and make time for a trip to Ulta amid the last-real-weekend-of-summer-festivities.

Below are the Instagram posts from Johnson, confirming that her collection will indeed be shoppable in stores on Sept. 3. You can feel her excitement and joy about having her own Too Faced collection radiating from the caption and from her post.

You also get a closer look at the products that comprise the collection.

Palettes! Lippies! Glow-getters! The gang's all here. This video feels like taking a trip down candy store aisles... minutes all of the pesky calories and cavities.

Here's a closer look at the Melted Matte lippies, which come in pink, red, and nude shades.

Have a gander at the collection here! You can see the pans of color in the palette and the stick highlighter, called "Candy Glow." Based on products and their shades alone, this appears to be a super playful collection. Johnson even tips the Banana Pudding Powder as one that will correct any skin flaws and make you look like you got your beauty sleep... even if you pulled an all-nighter.

Kandee J. is so awesome. So is her collection.