When Is The PUR x Trolls Palette Out? There Are Two Release Dates

The Trolls Renaissance is carrying over into 2017. PÜR has created an eyeshadow palette inspired by Troll by DreamWorks. In 2016, MAC created a Trolls makeup collection, while Hard Candy also did a Trolls-themed range. PÜR x Trolls is an eyeshadow set that features 16 pans; it's full of bright colors and some neutrals. They are never-before-seen shades, as well, according to the press materials Bustle received about the collection. When can you buy the totally wearable PÜR x Trolls eye palette?

You can nab one of these super cute palettes on Sunday, Jan. 8. The palette will first be available at the PÜR site. Then, it will be made available exclusively at Kohl's a short time later on Jan. 19. The palette comes with a $29 price tag, as well.

Trolls were such a thing in the late '90s and early '00s and they remain a source of inspo for makeup brands in 2017. Everything is cyclical, isn't it?

The brand offered these tips for using the 16 Troll-icious shades. To get a wash of color, apply with a brush. If it's a more dramatic look you desire, well, dampen your makeup brush to get a more intense color payoff.

I recommend spritzing your preferred tools with Urban Decay's Makeup Setting Sprays, which also helps to reduce fallout. I've been using my Setting Sprays to spritz my brushes every morning before applying shades from my beloved Kat Von D Shade & Light shadow palette. This trick totally intensifies the shadow, setting it with minimal fallout. You should try my technique with this palette, too.

Another tip? Dab the shadows onto your lid with your finger for a sexy, messy, smoky look. Yes, it actually works. Rock 'n' roll eye looks are better when messier and when imperfect. Yes, you get stained hands and it can dirty up your manicure. But that's nothing a little soap and water can't cure.

The names are cute and the shadows come in tons of colors. This palette is so a win. At $29, each shadow is less than $2. #TotalSteal.

Images: Courtesy of PÜR (4)