When Will Storybook Cosmetics' Dragon Lipsticks Come Out? Mark Your Calendars

Storybook Cosmetics has been killing the game lately. They initially made a name for themselves with a line of Harry Potter-themed makeup brushes and basically broke the internet. They've since released Mean Girls-inspired eyeshadow, a Star Wars brush set, and a few others. A Storybook Cosmetics dragon lipstick collection will be the next set of products to hit the market.

But don't get your hopes up just yet, as there is still some time before these mythical lipsticks will be available for purchase. The collection of dragon lipsticks — inspired by "all of our fire breathing friends" — will launch in Fall 2017, according to Storybook Cosmetics' Instagram.

It seems as though the lipsticks are not directly referencing any literary or pop culture creatures since they mentioned on Instagram that the lipsticks are their "own original creations, they are not sponsored, endorsed or licensed by any other existing literary or visual work." But that doesn't make them any less cool.

The dragon lipsticks come in scale-like packaging and from Storybook Cosmetics' Instagram photo, it looks like there will be three different lipsticks, one in silver packaging, one in gold and one in copper. The preview only shows a red lip color, but my hunch is that there will be a dark shade and possibly a pink or nude shade. Only time will tell!

Storybook Cosmetics will also be releasing a line of vegan liquid lipsticks, in case you're looking to add even more lip colors to your collection.