Where To Buy James Charles' Sister Apparel Merch


You know an apparel line is that good when the brand's website crashes the website on its launch day. That's exactly what happened when James Charles' Sister Apparel line launched on Feb. 7. There's no doubt that the first male CoverGirl will have a major influence this year, especially seeing how fast fans were anxious to the Sister Apparel merch.

Of course Charles' line is offering the cutest designs that definitely will appeal to millennials with sayings like "I'm shook" and "Guac is so extra & so am I." The products — including sweatshirts and baseball caps — might be simple, but I bet Charles will be adding more items to the Sister Apparel collection once everyone gets word.

So where can you get the James Charles Sister Apparel? Even though the site crashed when the collection went live online, all of the items are thankfully in stock online for you to shop. Right now there are only two types of items available — the sweatshirts, which are $39.99, and the hats, which are $24.99, but they both come in a variety of colors and sayings.

Keep up with Charles and his Sister Apparel line by following the brand on Instagram. You never know when new products might launch. I'm hoping for a James Charles-inspired CoverGirl line? Can only dream!

It looks like you get a signed letter from James when you order—how cute is that?

Can't you just image James saying these things?!

The line is super simple with just caps and sweatshirts, but hey sometimes less is more!