Where To Buy The Nike x Comme Des Garcons Dunks

Designer collabs are pretty much taking over mainstream brands these days. From Target's various partnerships to H&M's coveted designer collections, it seems as though collaborations are the key to creating popular products. This definitely seems to be true for the new see-through Nike x Comme Des Garcons sneakers that are set to launch Feb. 8.

At first glance, it's almost hard to tell that these sneakers are see through, especially in product shots — they almost look iridescent or a little bit metallic — but they are definitely clear, meaning you can change up your sneaker look instantly by simply wearing different color socks every day. It's like the modern day version of those cool sneakers everyone had in elementary school where you could change the color of the stripes on your shoes with a little plastic insert.

Sneaker fans got a preview of these new Nike kicks back in June 2016 when Comme Des Garcons sent them down the runway for Paris Fashion Week. And now, the time has finally come for fans to purchase these beauties. The Nike x Comme Des Garcons see-through sneakers will be sold exclusively at Comme Des Garcons' Chelsea store starting Feb. 8, however, if you don't live in New York, and don't show up on day one, the odds of you scoring a pair are probably pretty low (if any other sneaker launch in the history of shoes is any indication).

The Nike x Comme Des Garcons sneakers cost $320, which rapper Lil Yachty was seen sporting in the New York Times.

But don't worry if you can't get your hands on a pair this time around. This isn't the first time Nike and Comme Des Garcons have worked together, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Image courtesy of Nike