TOMS Unicorn Shoes Exist, But Only For A Limited Time

What's the biggest trend in 2017? While millennial pink is great and holographic everything is all the rage, there's another trend that's has yet to subside — thankfully. Unicorns are here, and they're sticking around. Now, unicorn TOMS exist, and you can get the philanthropic shoe while embracing the most fantastical trend of 2017.

Of course, unicorns have some competition in the otherworldly trend market — mermaids, anyone? — but from makeup to accessories to fashion, no single animal has been able to eclipse the popularity of unicorns. Now, they're everywhere, and fans of magic and whimsy couldn't be happier. From phone cases to makeup to shower caps, you can get nearly anything coated in unicorns, but until now, you couldn't get TOMS. That's all changed.

TOMS' Unicorn printed classics are here, and you can snag your own pair online exclusively at the TOMS website. As of press time, all sizes (from five to 12) are still up for grabs. Given the the horned horses' popularity, however, these shoes may not be available for long. Considering that your $55 purchase also gives another pair of TOMS to a child or teenager in need of shoes, they're not just adorable, they're philanthropic making them a must-have for multiple reasons.

Rainbow Unicorn Women's Classics, $55, TOMS

Also in good news, if you've got kiddos in your life, they can rock the unicorn TOMS as well.

Toms Unicorn Tiny Toms Classic, $36, TOMS

If you want to shop the TOMS, you'll need to act fast. The shoes are limited edition, and while the brand could choose to restock them post-sellout, there's no way to know for sure.

If you can't get enough unicorns and you already love TOMS, your dreams may have just come true. While they are limited edition, these beauties are still yours for the taking. Head over to the TOMS website and snag them before they're gone.