A New BBC Doc Is Spilling Fast Fashion Industry Secrets With Help From An Influencer


If you're looking for something to watch on TV tonight, I have the answer for you. Breaking Fashion is a documentary set to air on BBC One next week, but is already available to view on demand on BBC Three, meaning you don't have to wait to get stuck in. The series (there are six episodes) takes a look at fast fashion in the modern world. The first episode focuses on fast fashion brand In The Style, and their collaboration with Lorna Luxe. So who is Lorna Luxe? If you're not familiar with the world of fashion blogging and influencing, you may not be familiar with the breakout star of the series.

Lorna Luxe is an Instagram influencer with over 850k followers. She has been on working as an influencer for around five years, and, according to their website, before this worked in customer services for homeware brand Rockett St George. Prior to this she was an Air Hostess for Virgin Atlantic.

The Instagram star currently lives in Sussex, although she spends a lot of her time in London. Her house looks incredible by the looks of this interview, which she lives in with her husband John and her dog Bo.

When asked what her plans were for 2019, Lorna explained: "My goal for the next year is to gather more momentum and to build my followers on Instagram. I want to have over 1 million followers. I also want to reduce my sponsored content and focus more on organic content."

She continued: "I'll also be launching my first clothing collection this year which I am very excited about."

The clothing line in question is her collaboration with In The Style, which is featured so heavily in BBC's Breaking Fashion documentary. The range reflects Lorna's personal style, featuring cute mini dresses, tailored shorts, lace bralettes, and crochet knitwear. Everything is fairly affordable, and all pieces are modelled by Lorna herself.

Lorna's appearance in the BBC documentary sees the influencer meeting with In The Style's 32-year-old CEO Adam Frisby to coordinate the upcoming launch. Lorna's vision for the launch is to hold it in the south of France, apparently having been inspired by Sky Atlantic's popular TV show Riviera. The Instagram star hand picks a number of fellow influencers, and the group head off on a trip to promote and celebrate the line.

The episode reveals just how important influencer-created content has become to fast fashion brands, something CEO Adam acknowledges on film:

"Although tonight is for Lorna and for everyone to have a bit of fun, I think the key thing for me is that they get good content."

"Content produces sales," he continues. "The more they post about it, the more they show the collection, the more people are interested and want to buy it. So, it’s really key we get enough assets out of tonight as well. The business has put hundreds of thousands of pounds into this so I hope it works and Monday it’s a sellout collection."

You can watch Breaking Fashion on demand now.