Meet Miss Colombia 2016, Andrea Tovar

FOX Broadcasting Co.

When the Miss Universe pageant rolls around, I feel like I have to play catch up. As an American, I’m not really privy to the deciding of the Miss Whatevers of the world — my cable doesn’t get that many channels — so it’s a rush to learn about the women that I find the most captivating. Among them this year is from the country that earned the runner-up spot in the 2015 competition — Who is Miss Colombia 2016, Andrea Tovar?

According to her bio on the Miss Universe website, Tovar graduated from college with a degree in Industrial Design and Photo Production, which is pretty cool — I’d love to see what kind of art she’d put out. In her spare time (when she’s not seriously prepping for pageants like this, I assume, because this is hard work), she loves playing volleyball, being goofy, and educating her peers on the environment. One of her dreams is to “create an innovative foundation that uses raw materials from the Pacific region to transform Colombian products.” It seems to me that she has the vision and the know-how to actually do this, so I’d love to check back in on Tovar in a few years and see how her entrepreneurship is coming along.

The best part about Tovar is that she forgave Steve Harvey for messing up and declaring her countrywoman the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant when she was actually the runner-up. Tovar accepted Harvey’s apologies and gracefully made her way through the rest of the competition. What a good sport! She may have a shot at the crown, able to bring it home to Colombia for real this time.