Who Knew — 48 Of Amazon’s Most Brilliant Finds Are All Under $5


When you visit a dollar store, you never know what you're going to get — sometimes it's a complete treasure (seriously, check out the makeup section), and sometimes it's a dud. But that doesn't mean much: Just because something is incredibly affordable, doesn't mean it's automatically of lower quality. The proof, of course, is that there are plenty of genius Amazon products priced at $5 or less — and you'll be shocked at the steals you can find.

Maybe you're in the market for a shampoo brush that massages your head as you cleanse your scalp — there is one of those in here for just $4, and with over 2,000 glowing reviews, you can be sure you won't find another at the same low price. And don't get me started on the waterproof phone case that only costs $5, because I could've used it last weekend before my butterfingers flung my phone 50 feet away into the ocean.

Best of all, these affordable products on Amazon with such rave reviews, so you know you're getting quality products for an incredibly great price. That's right, folks — you can afford to fill your cart with lots of these practical, awesome goodies. They're great: and as a bonus, they're reviewer-backed.

1. The Handy Tool That Makes Slicing And Pitting Avocados A Breeze

Vremi Avocado Slicer And Pitter Tool, $5, Amazon

Why dirty up a knife and spoon just to cut up an avocado when you could use the Vremi avocado slicer and pitter tool? Save yourself the mess — this handy tool is all you need to cut up an avocado, as it can cut through the skin, remove the pit, and then slice the soft fruit inside. And because it's dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is incredibly easy.


2. A Lightweight Flashlight With Three Different Brightness Modes

Start Super Bright Flashlight, $2, Amazon

You really can't beat $2 when it comes to a flashlight with as many options as the Start super bright flashlight has — not only are there three different brightness modes to choose from, but the ultra-clear glass lens means that this light appears even brighter than you'd expect. Perfect for hiking, camping, or keeping in your car for emergencies, this flashlight is the perfect lightweight addition to any backpack or emergency kit.


3. The Pillowcases Made From Plush Microfiber

Elegant Comfort Egyptian Quality Pillowcases, $4 (2 Pack), Amazon

These pillowcases are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton, but made from plush microfiber instead. Wrinkle- and stain-resistant, one Amazon reviewer raved: "These are really nice, soft pillowcases! I've washed them many times and they're still good as new, I don't think they've faded at all."


4. A Whisk That Does All The Work Of Beating An Egg For You

Mikey Store Pet Egg Whisk, $3, Amazon

Whenever you're beating an egg, you want to get it whipped enough that you see little bubbles forming, which can be difficult to achieve by hand — so use the Mikey Store Pet egg whisk instead. All you have to do is push down on the handle to make the stainless steel whisk spin, giving you whipped foods with half the effort on your part.


5. The Handy Tool That Removes Facial Hair, Even On Sensitive Skin

XISS Facial Hair Remover Tool, $5, Amazon

Whereas bleaching and creams can leave your skin irritated and red, the XISS facial hair remover tool uses zero chemicals and produces results that last up to six weeks. Since it's small and easy to carry, you can keep this tool in your purse for any stray hairs that may pop up while you're out, and because the hair you remove with this tool grows back thinner over time, you'll be saving yourself time and effort in the long run.


6. A Handy Add-On That Helps You Use Your Phone With One Hand

qqyl Cell Phone Holder Ring, $5, Amazon

Not only will it help protect your phone from being shattered if you drop it, but the qqyl cell phone holder ring also lets you operate your phone with one hand, and lets you rotate your phone 360-degrees. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, and you can also use the ring as support to stand your phone up while watching videos.


7. The Handy Gadget That Slices Eggs Uniformly And Evenly

IKEA Egg Slicer, $5, Amazon

Great for hardboiled eggs, soft cheese, or even avocados, the IKEA egg slicer will cut through through soft food and produce uniform, perfect slices. The entire gadget is dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to clean, and the steel frame is removable in case you want to get into every nook and cranny. One Amazon reviewer even said that it "works beautifully," and that "it's very cute."


8. A Concealer That Helps Even Out Dark Circles

L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer, $4, Amazon

Makeup is generally crazy expensive, yet the L.A. Girl pro HD concealer has over 900 positive four- and five-star reviews at only $4. Creamy yet opaque so that you get excellent coverage, this concealer is lightweight so that your pores don't feel clogged, and is great for camouflaging dark circles under your eyes as well as any unwanted redness in your skin — and it's even got a brush tip for easy application.


9. The Vegetable Slicer That Can Even Handle Potatoes And Carrots

Ucio Heavy Duty Vegetable Slicer, $5, Amazon

There are plenty of vegetable slicers that can't handle denser vegetables like potatoes and carrots — but the Ucio heavy duty vegetable slicer is not one of them. This slicer comes with a veggie grip cap for when your produce becomes too small to hold, and it can both slice and spiralize food. And if spiralized vegetables don't sound appetizing, try spiralizing zucchini with your favorite pasta for an added serving of veggies.


10. A Pair Of Compression Sleeves That Help Support Your Joints

Morris Compression Knee Supports, $5 (1 Pair), Amazon

Each order comes with two sleeves, and you can use the Morris compression knee supports to help keep your knees, elbows, and even ankles from being injured while exercising. Don't exercise? Not a problem— I like to use compression knee supports when I'm going for long walks, since the added pressure helps boost blood circulation and reduce any swelling. Bonus: if you've got sore knees after a long day these are a great, chemical-free way to relieve some pain.


11. The Handy Tool That Helps Prevent Any Spillage Out Of Pots

NPLE Silicone Anti-Spill Mouth, $2, Amazon

Whenever you're trying to transfer liquids from a pot to a bowl you're more often than not going to wind up spilling some of it, whether you're using a ladle or simply trying to pour it out— so save yourself the mess by using the NPLE silicone anti-spill mouth instead. This handy tool attaches to the edge of almost any pot so that you can easily pour soups and more into bowls without any spills, and because it's made from silicone it's also dishwasher safe!


12. A Pair Of Sleeping Masks That Are Contoured To Fit Your Face

Alcyoneus Sleep Masks, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whereas some sleep masks will let light in through the nose because there's a gap between the mask and your skin, the Alcyoneus sleep masks are designed with a contoured shape so that not only is there no pressure on your eyes, but they are also completely covered so that no light can peek in. The adjustable buckle lets you control how tight you'd like the mask, and the breathable material won't leave your eyes feeling smothered.


13. The Rack That Gives You A Handy Place To Keep Your Lid While Cooking

TraveT Multifunctional Lid And Spoon Holder, $5, Amazon

Taking off the lid on a pot and resting it down on the counter will (more often than not) leave you with a ring of liquid on your countertop, adding yet another thing to clean when you're done cooking. However, with the TraveT multifunctional lid and spoon holder, you now have a convenient rack that'll hold your dirty lid while you stir, and even a ladle or spoon as well. And because it's compatible with most lid sizes, you can rest easy that it'll fit the lids in your kitchen with ease.


14. A Pair Of Antimicrobial Pads That Help Relieve Foot Pain

MEDca Metatarsal Foot Pads, $5 (1 Pair), Amazon

Great for relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, metatarsal aggravation, or just regular old foot pain in general, the MEDca metatarsal foot pads stick to the inside of your shoes and work as a cushion for the balls of your feet — absorbing shocks and keeping your knees and feet feeling great all day. They're antimicrobial so that your feet won't get sweaty rubbing up against them, and unlike other gel foot pads, these ones don't create odors.


15. The Tool That Helps You Build Strength In Your Hands In Just Minutes A Day

Mebber Hand Grip Strengthener, $5, Amazon

Tired of not being able to open jars with ease? Try increasing your grip strength by training with the Mebber hand grip strengthener. Easily adjustable to four different levels of resistance so that even beginners can use it, this grip trainer is designed any hand, and is made with stainless steel tension springs so that you can be sure that they won't break through usage.


16. A Reusable Pouch That Collects Lint And Hair In Your Washing Machine

LIVDAT Reusable Floating Lint And Hair Pouch, $4 (4 Pack), Amazon

Fishing out stray lint and hair from your newly washed clothes kind of takes the excitement out of having fresh laundry, so save yourself the hassle and toss the LIVDAT reusable floating lint and hair pouches in your next wash. These floating pouches absorb excess hair and lint so that your clothes come out more clean, and float right to the top of your load, so you can easily separate them at the end of your load.


17. The Precision Tweezers Made From Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Cliganic Pointed Precision Tweezers, $5, Amazon

Not only are they made from surgical grade stainless steel, but the Cliganic pointed precision tweezers are designed with perfectly-aligned tips so plucking unwanted hairs is an accurate, easy task. Durable and easy to clean, these tweezers can be used for ingrown hairs, eyebrow plucking, or splinters — and one Amazon reviewer even wrote: "I would not hesitate to recommend these to friends or family!"


18. A Collapsible Funnel That Saves You Space And Time

TONSEE Foldable Funnel, $4, Amazon

I spent years trying to carefully pour liquids into bottles without a funnel, spilling most of what I had and wiping up mess after mess —so be better than me. The TONSEE foldable funnel is only $4, and is made out of silicone which makes it heat-resistant so you can even use it with hot soups. And because it's collapsible, this funnel will barely take up any space in your drawers and cabinets.


19. The Brush That Massages Your Scalp As You Shampoo Your Hair

LaCasa Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, $4, Amazon

Shampoo brushes are great for distributing shampoo evenly so that your scalp and hair get a great, refreshing clean, and for the price, you really can't go wrong with the LaCasa scalpmaster shampoo brush. This brush has a finger hole so that it's easy to grip while wet in the shower, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that the brush was helping with her thinning hair because it stimulates hair growth.


20. A Dish Sponge Made From Antimicrobial Silicone

Cool-Essential Silicone Dish Sponge, $4 (3 Pack), Amazon

Regular sponges quickly become harbors for mold, mildew, and potentially harmful bacteria — but with the Cool-Essential dish sponge you can prevent germs from spreading around your kitchen, because it's made from antimicrobial silicone. Even though it's marketed mainly as a dish sponge, these sponges can also be used as trivets since they're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and they won't absorb any gross odors either.


21. The Patch That Clears Up Acne Overnight

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch, $5 (24 Patches), Amazon

Having a random pimple pop up can be annoying, so keep the COSRX acne pimple patch on hand for any acne emergencies. This patch sticks to your skin and absorbs toxins from whiteheads and popped zits, allowing the acne to flatten out and become less noticeable. Once the patch turns white, all you have to do is peel it off and the redness and pus will have disappeared.


22. A Stainless Steel Bar That Removes Unwanted Odors From Your Hands

HeroNeo Stainless Steel Soap, $4, Amazon

It's marketed as stainless steel soap, because that's sort of what it is — while it won't lather up under water, the HeroNeo stainless steel soap removes any unwanted odors like onions, fish, garlic, and more from your hands just by rubbing it on them under cold water. Odorous ingredients give off sulfur that sticks to your hands, but the stainless steel attracts and binds to that sulfur, which removes the smell your skin.


23. The Powder That Uses Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

Kshion Teeth Whitening Powder, $3, Amazon

I use activated charcoal to whiten my teeth, and I can wholeheartedly say that powders like the Kshion teeth whitening powder actually work. This powder helps remove coffee and smoking stains from your teeth, or in my case, it's great for delivering an overall whitening polish and shine. And while brushing your teeth with charcoal doesn't sound like the most appetizing experience, this powder is infused with an icy, cool taste so that you're not left gagging over your sink.


24. A Fun Silicone Tchotchke You Can Use To Vent Your Lids

LKForward_Kitchen Rubber Lid Insert, $2, Amazon

The adorable LKForward_Kitchen rubber lid insert is made to act as a gap holder for lids — and since it's made out of silicone it can withstand high temperatures, and if cooking isn't your forte, these little guys can also be used to prop your phone up so you can watch videos hands-free.


25. The Makeup Brush Set That Comes With 20 Brushes

Cinidy Makeup Brush Set, $4 (20 Pieces), Amazon

Cheap makeup brushes have a tendency to shed — which leaves you with hairs strewn throughout your powders and liquids — so try the Cinidy makeup brush set instead. Not only will it not shed, but this set comes with 20 brushes that are constructed with high-quality synthetic hairs that are made to last. "I was worried about the quality due to the low price, but I love them!" one Amazon reviewer raved, going on to say that they are "so soft" and that they "hold powders and liquids well."


26. An Insect Repellent That Contains Zero DEET

Simon Stealz Toothpaste Squeezer, $3 (5 Pack), Amazon

Getting every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube is almost impossible, and throwing it out before it's empty is a waste — so why not use the Simon Stealz toothpaste squeezers to get every last drop? These squeezers saves up to 30 percent of the toothpaste that normally gets wasted in the tube, and each order comes with five squeezers so you can put one on every tube in your house.


27. The Brush Designed For Spreading Masks Evenly On Your Face

Angel Kiss Facial Mask Brush, $5, Amazon

You could spread around clay, masks, peels, or any other skincare products on your face using your hands, or you could use the Angel Kiss facial mask brush and get those smaller sections of your face that blend in with your hair. The bristles are soft and synthetic so that they feel pleasant as they glide across your face, and since the brush isn't all that big, it's also easy to take with you while traveling.


28. A Handy Tool That Cleans The Leftover Makeup Off Your Brushes

ReNext Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool, $2, Amazon

Leaving leftover makeup caked onto your brushes is a great way to ruin your brushes — but it also allows germs and bacteria to grow as well. So, instead of dropping your brushes the minute you're doing applying makeup, clean them off with the ReNext makeup brush cleaning tool. "This thing gets crud out of makeup brushes like you would not believe," one Amazon reviewer raves. "I use it with castile soap on my brushes weekly, and it is a very effective little tool!"


29. A Cute And Useful Bracelet With Its Own Built-In Compass

Luxsea Emergency Survival Bracelet, $4, Amazon

When it says it's great in an emergency, the Luxsea emergency survival bracelet isn't kidding — not only does this bracelet have its own built-in compass so you can always figure out what direction you're going in, but the bracelet itself can be disassembled into one long rope that you can use in any situation. And because the rope is made out of the same rope used on sea ships, it's also resistant to corrosion and frays.


30. The Double-Sided Makeup Brush That's Super Cute

Luxsea Dual-Sided Makeup Brush, $4, Amazon

This Luxsea dual-sided makeup brush will save you a lot of space in your makeup bag — and one side is tapered for contouring and the other is more flat for brush and powder application. Plus, not only do you basically get two brushes for $4, but this brush is even ridiculously cute as well.


31. A Tool That Lets You Remove The SIM Card In Your Phone

Yesker SIM Card Remover Key, $1, Amazon

Designed to be super thin so that it'll fit into any SIM card ejector hole, the Yesker SIM card remover key is lightweight and allows you to remove the SIM card in your phone so that you can replace it with another. Using a bent paperclip can lead to scratches on your phone, so why take the risk when this handy tool is only $1?


32. The Sturdy Case That Keeps Your Earbuds Safe From Damage

Case Star Hard Case For Earbuds, $2, Amazon

While headphones are slightly more sturdy, devices like earbuds are prone to more damage, since they're smaller and can easily get crushed at the bottom of a backpack. Instead of constantly buying new buds, use the Case Star hard case for earbuds to keep your current pair safe. This case has a mesh pocket where you can keep an extra charging cable, and every order comes with its own bag to carry it in.


33. A Pack Of Styluses That Work Great On Any Touchscreen

Generic Stylus For iPhone, $4 (5 Pack), Amazon

Whenever you get a stylus included with your device, you can almost guarantee it's going to go missing within the next week. Each order of the Generic stylus for iPhone comes with five styluses so that you can keep on losing them and not run out for at least a month. The styluses also have a clip, so you might actually get to keep track of them.


34. The Kitchen Soap Holder That Fits Over The Divider In Your Sink

Kathson Caddy Soap Holder, $5, Amazon

Letting bottles of soap sit on your countertop always leads to soap rings that can be tough to scrub away. Save yourself the effort with the Kathson caddy soap holder, which fits over your sink divider and can hold your sponges, rags, soaps, and scrubbers. And because it has built-in drainage holes, your scrubbers will be able to air out properly, so they're less susceptible to mildew.


35. A Lip Balm That Keeps Your Lips Safe From The Sun

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm, $4, Amazon

You always put on sunscreen before going out in the sun, but do you always remember to put it on your lips too? The Sun Bum SPF 30 lip balm is not only sweat- and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, but the formula also uses vitamin E and aloe vera to help moisturize chapped lips while protecting them from the drying effects of the outdoors. This one has a pleasant pomegranate flavor, too.


36. The Tool That Holds Down Your Vegetables For Even, Uniform Slices

CJESLNA Easy Holder For Slicing, $4, Amazon

Getting even slices out of tomatoes and onions can be difficult for beginners and professionals alike, so instead of stressing over every cut, use the CJESLNA easy holder for slicing. This handy tool has long prongs that reach deep into vegetables, so your knife is guided as it slices all the way down, leaving you with uniform cuts that aren't lopsided or uneven.


37. A Stand For Your Phone That Can Hold Recipe Cards While You Cook

Milliard Spatula Phone And Tablet Stand, $4, Amazon

It's designed to look like a spatula so you can use it as a fun way to hold up recipe cards in your kitchen, but the Milliard spatula phone and tablet stand is sturdy enough that it can also hold tablets and phones as well. And because everybody likes to save precious space in the kitchen, this stand can fold flat for compact storage, or even hang upright on a utensil rack.


38. The Fun Kitchen Timer Shaped Like An Adorable Cat

Kikkerland Kitchen Cat Timer, $5, Amazon

As far as kitchen timers go, this one is about as "fun" as you can get — and for $5, why not? The Kikkerland kitchen cat timer doesn't have to only be used in the kitchen, as this cute lil' gadget is great for keeping track of absolutely anything. So get creative!


39. A Clever Tool That Lets You Microwave Double The Amount Of Food

H_US000 Microwave Plate Stacker, $4, Amazon

You ever see a product that makes you go — wow, that would be helpful. That's pretty much this microwave plate stacker in a nutshell. This stacker plate allows you to microwave double the amount of food in the same time, and it's made from durable plastic that won't warp due to high cooking temperatures.


40. The Handles That Help You Carry Heavy Groceries In One Trip

Toppy Kitchen One Trip Grocery Handle, $3, Amazon

Everybody's least favorite part of grocery shopping is having to take multiple trips between your car or doorway and the fridge, so make your life easier with the Toppy Kitchen one trip grocery handle. This handle lets you carry multiple heavy bags at once and features a durable locking tab so that your grocery bags won't slide out. And if you think your groceries might be too heavy, don't worry — each handle can take up to 501 pounds of weight.


41. An Eyelash Curler That Fits Practically Any Eye Shape

Tenworld Pro Eyelash Curler, $2, Amazon

Sometimes fake eyelashes behave, other times they like to stick out straight like someone built a porch off your face — so when your makeup is giving you trouble, use the Tenworld pro eyelash curler. This curler is made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time, and the curved shape is designed to be able to fit eyes of all shapes — almond, round, hooded — you name it, this curler can take it.


42. A Handy Rack That'll Hold Your Hair Dryer

Yoyorule Hair Dryer Rack, $4, Amazon

Made from sturdy aluminum so it won't bend under the weight of even heavier hair dryers, the Yoyorule hair dryer rack easily anchors into your wall so that you have a neat place to keep your hair dryer. And if you're afraid that the installation may be a little complicated, don't fret — one Amazon reviewer noted that the installation was "easy as heck," and that the rack "holds firmly" to the wall.


43. The Handy Survival Tool That Fits Right Into Your Pocket

Luhan Survival Pocket Tool, $4, Amazon

Whereas other pocket tools are fragile and break easy — since they sacrifice durability in exchange for the smaller size — the Luhan survival pocket tool is made from stainless steel so that it won't bend or rust. Use this tool to open up bottle caps, or use it as a pry bar to open up difficult jars and containers: and because it's got space for a key ring, you can easily slide this onto your keys to use anytime.


44. The Shoe Organizer That Fits Over Your Door To Save You Space

Simple Houseware Hanging Shoe Organizer, $5, Amazon

With over 2,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that the Simple Houseware hanging shoe organizer is a total steal. This organizer has 24 breathable pockets that can fit 12 pairs of shoes (or 24 if you really cram them in), and since it hangs over your door it requires zero tools for installation.


45. A Pack Of Batteries Made To Last For 10 Years

AmazonBasics Performance AAA Batteries, $5 (8 Pack), Amazon

Now that everything is rechargeable, batteries have become that annoying accessory you don't realize you need until your television remote stops working — so stock up on the AmazonBasics performance AAA batteries while they're only $5. These batteries are made with improved anti-corrosion components that give them an anti-leakage shelf life of 10 years, making these a really useful purchase.


46. The Hair Brush That Folds For Extra Portability

NaRaMax Folding Hair Brush, $5, Amazon

It doesn't matter how fancy your hairbrush is: if it doesn't fit in your purse, you're probably not going to carry it around solo for those sporadic hair emergencies. Instead, use the NaRaMax folding hair brush. Not only does it fold into itself, but the handle even has its own mirror so that you can check yourself no matter where you are.


47. The Nail Polish Holder That Helps You Grab Every Last Drop

Tenworld Rubber Nail Polish Holder, $1 (2 Pack), Amazon

Spilling nail polish when you're trying to give yourself a fresh manicure is a real mood killer, so prevent yourself from any accidental spills with the Tenworld rubber nail polish holder. This rubber holder lets you keep your polish tilted at an angle, letting you reach every last drop of polish while making it easier to dip the brush in for more color.


48. A Set Of Makeup Sponges Great For Any Type Of Makeup

TOPBeauty Makeup Blender Sponges, $2, Amazon

You could spend more than double the price, or you could stop being bougie and just get the TOPBeauty makeup blender sponges. It's a sponge you use to mush makeup around your face — no one needs to be spending more than a few dollars on these, and since each package comes with four, you're really getting each sponge for just a few quarters.

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