Who Plays Marcy On 'Travelers'? Mackenzie Porter Is No Stranger To Adventure

Jeff Weddell Photography

As the year comes to a close, Netflix is releasing a few science fiction series to keep you warm over the holidays. Once you've finished with The OA, the latest twisty adventure is Travelers, which has already begun airing on Canadian television, starring Eric McCormack and an ensemble cast of actors you probably recognize. Who plays Marcy on Travelers? Mackenzie Porter is a working artist who you may recognize from a variety of projects.

According to Netflix, Travelers is about a group of people who are "...from the future but they're living in our time. These seemingly ordinary people are secretly working to save us all from a tragic fate." In the trailer and press release, Marcy is described as having an intellectual disability. She is in the care of a social worker, who is also on the team that travels back in time to fix humanity's errors. So it's kind of like Timeless and Legends of Tomorrow. Time travel might be the new vampires or zombies on television. They are very focused on doing only what serves the greater good — not a bad credo, when dealing with the space-time continuum.

As for the actor who plays this crucial member of the team, here are some places where you may have seen or heard the Canadian performer before.

Hell On Wheels


Porter played Naomi Bohannon on the AMC series starting in Season 4.

The Unauthorized Full House Story

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

She played Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's mom, Jarnette.

Christmas Rescue

Video Detective on YouTube

She starred alongside Aiden Quinn in this Hallmark movie, also called The Horses of McBride.

The Black Boots/Solo Artist

MacKenzie Porter on YouTube

Porter is also a country music musician. She toured with her brother, who won Season 2 of Canadian Idol. Hopefully Marcy will sing at some point on Travelers. Saving the world without music is no fun at all.