Nick & Raven Clashed On 'The Bachelor'

Drew Cason/ABC

Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor has come to an end. Of course, this means that we had to watch him shatter the heart of another completely amazing woman who likely didn't see her heartbreak coming. On Monday night, Raven took the heart-wrenching trip back home, empty handed. So, why didn't Nick pick Raven on The Bachelor finale?

Did anyone see this coming? Honestly, once it came down to Raven and Vanessa, I started to lose my ability to predict the outcome almost immediately. As far as choices go, these two women were just too perfect to decide between. Unfortunately, Nick had to pick and it was Raven who had to walk away alone. Personally, I think that it was possibly due to the age difference between Raven and Nick. Raven is only about 25 years old and Nick is 36 years old. I know, 11 years isn't that crazy but in the grand scheme of things, a 25-year-old and a 36-year-old are in two very different places in their lives. Vanessa is almost 30 and may be at a place in her life where Nick feels more connected to her. Nick himself said that he just didn't know if he was in love with Raven, whatever that means.

I know that everybody was convinced that the distance between where Vanessa and Nick have laid down their roots would be the end of their relationship before it even began, but it looks like these two crazy kids decided to compromise in some way. I guess Nick was telling the truth when he said that he would do anything for the woman she fell in love with. Even during his proposal, they acknowledged that things wouldn't be easy for them.

As for Raven, I think she'll do just fine. As much as she and Nick connected on the show, she deserves to find someone who appreciates all that she has to offer. Sure, her exiting limo ride was tough to watch because she was doubting if she would ever find love again, but I have a feeling she will bounce back. Who knows, maybe we will even see her in Paradise.