Why Raven Gates' Plastic Surgery Is Not 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans' Business

Paul Hebert/ABC

In 2017, it shouldn't need to be spelled out why it's none of our business that Bachelor In Paradise star Raven Gates had plastic surgery, but because the ever-curious and often insensitive internet never rests, here's the requisite explainer. Simply put, it's her body, and what she does (or doesn't do) with it is 100 percent her call, just as it's her choice if she wants to publicly share any modifications she may have made. There are many reasons that someone might consider plastic surgery, whether they be cosmetic or medical, but the fact of the matter is that the decision is entirely personal.

Raven hasn't been shy about addressing her breast augmentation. Back in May, Gates reportedly claimed on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet that she received an email from In Touch Weekly that they'd reportedly be running a story sourcing "doctors who believe that she's had a breast augmentation." In response, she reportedly tweeted a screenshot of the alleged email and wrote, "Yes I did!!! 5 YEARS AGO!! And I'm proud of it. So go report that In Touch Weekly." (In Touch did not respond to Bustle's request for comment on whether this story ever ran.)

Throughout all this, people have continued to pry online.

All of Raven's tweets from before Aug. 11, including her response to In Touch, appear to have been deleted, but she's continued to speak out about her procedure. "Omg people. My boobs are not new!! They're SIX YEARS OLD! Sometimes they show and sometimes they don't," she wrote earlier this month.

And when a fan asked if she was glad she got it done, she tweeted, "SO happy!!" though she also lamented the barrage of questions still coming in. "Six years ago, did you ever imagine having to send this tweet?!" asked Us Weekly Staff Editor Jamie Blynn. "No," Raven responded with a face palm and face with tears of joy emojis.

Yes, Raven has had plastic surgery on her breasts. She's personally confirmed it, she's proud of it, and six years later, she's still happy she did it. So, Bachelor Nation, can we all just move the hell on already?