Will Craig & Naomie Break Up On 'Southern Charm'? They Haven't Been In A Good Place

Brianna Stello/Bravo

I am a little shocked to see how intense Craig and Naomie's relationship has become on Southern Charm this season. In the beginning, it looked like they were all fuzzy bunnies and pastel button-ups, but, lately, things haven't been running that smoothly. This season in particular, the couple has been bickering almost every time they share a scene together and it has me wondering what is going to happen to them. Will Craig and Naomie break up on Southern Charm?

Look, I know that relationships usually start out in the honeymoon phase and they certainly don't usually stay there for the remainder of the time. This isn't normal, everyday couple bickering though. Naomie and Craig are straight-up fighting almost every episode. A couple of episodes ago, they organized a fundraiser together and things could not have been more tense. Last week, Craig made a surprise dinner for Naomie, complete with candles and exotic locale (her parents' deck) and it ended up turning into a giant fight. The topic of Craig's unfocused ambition came up, and Naomie asked him to tell her straight whether he actually wanted to become a practicing lawyer, to which he told her she was acting "dumb and ignorant."

Luckily, by the looks of their social media accounts, they are currently together, so they must have worked through this rough period. That isn't to say that they might not have had a break in between. To be honest, they could use one at this point in the season because they are about to reach a boiling point this week, with the teaser showing Naomie leaving Craig at home because he was taking too long to get ready for a party. It ends with Craig calling her a "f*cking moron" and a "spoiled child."

Even though things may look a little grim for this pair at this particular point in the season, rest assured that they appear to still be a happy couple. Aww.