This Fan-Favorite HUDA Beauty Product May Be Going Away For Good

If there's one product HUDA Beauty does well, it's their palettes. On Tuesday, the brand teased the newest addition, the Desert Dusk palette, and fans couldn't help but go crazy for the gorgeous sunset swatches. But with the good news comes some bad — the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold palette may be discontinued, according to the brand's Instagram.

While there's been no definitive announcement of the Rose Gold palette's discontinuation, a photo reposted to the HUDA Beauty Instagram account (from user @ofraqueen) reveals that the palette has been restocked by Sephora, but that it could be for the last time. Sadly, the product has already sold out since restocking, which might mean fans have lost their last chance at shopping the palette. Womp womp.

Why the discontinuation, though? As mentioned earlier, HUDA Beauty is debuting a brand new palette. The Desert Desk palette is a stunning collection of purples, oranges, and warm browns seemingly meant to mimic the appearance of a desert sunset, and it's gorgeous.

With textured shades (similar to those in the Rose Gold palette) and brand new colors, the Desert Dusk palette could be the reason HUDA Beauty decided to no longer make the Rose Gold one. Sad as that may be, you should definitely check out Desert Dusk. It's a stunner.

The latest product from HUDA Beauty is set to debut on Sept. 18 and given that Sephora restocked Rose Gold only one day ago seems to suggest that it could be the last time. If you're already the lucky owner of it, though, there's now a new beauty to add to your collection.

Swatches of Desert Dusk are already proving to be next-level gorgeous. It also features four different textures.

While the HUDA Beauty Rose Gold palette may be saying goodbye, the Desert Dusk palette is headed fans' way.

If you're determined to find one of the last Rose Gold palettes, head to your nearest Sephora to see if you can still snag one in store.