Will 'Little Big Shots' Return For Season 2? There's No Shortage Of Talented Kids To Watch This Summer
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Steve Harvey, who's managed to work his way out of the shame of accidentally announcing the wrong Miss Universe winner in 2015, has been taking on hosting gig after hosting gig, and one of his more recent offerings is NBC's Little Big Shots, which is basically a mercifully Bill Cosby-free version of Kids Say the Darndest Things crossed with a talent show, where precocious kids from around the nation and the world show off their abilities, from singing to doing magic tricks. And after two seasons, will Little Big Shots Return for Season 3? NBC hasn't made it official yet, but it's no secret that they love the format of a talent show, because just a week after Little Big Shots' finale on June 14, the series' first spinoff, Little Big Shots: Forever Young, is premiering.

So even though the series hasn't been officially renewed yet, Little Big Shots' Season 2 ratings of around eight million viewers per episode, according to TVBytheNumbers, roughly the same as Season 1, and the presence of a spinoff shows that there's a good chance that next March will bring another season. But whether it's hot outside or freezing, there's nothing that beats staying indoors and flipping on the TV. And even if you don't attempt to stay inside as much as humanly possible, it's the perfect way to wind down from doing whatever it is people do when they're not watching hours of TV all day. So there's plenty more talented kids that will have you seriously impressed with how these kids are spending their summer vacation.

America's Got Talent

People of any age can audition for this series, where a group of celebrities like Howie Mandel and legendary reality competition crumudgeon Simon Cowell, evaluate the abilities of regular people. Many of those regular people include some very talented kids who would fit it well on Little Big Shots.

Masterchef Junior


Gordon Ramsay is known for his incredibly tough mentorship, and while he keeps the language G-rated for this kid spinoff, his exacting standards are no lower because the average age of participants is ten years old. And these kids are cooking far above their grade level, with some impressive dishes that most adults would struggle to cook correctly on their first try.

The Toy Box

ABC Television Network on YouTube

This twist on Shark Tank puts a panel of kids kids into the sharks' seats as adult entepreneurs have to pitch their best ideas for toys and other products for children to a group of actual children (and to a group of industry experts, of course). Deciding on the fate and viability of consumer products? Oh, just a normal day in the life of one of the many kids on reality TV these days.

Project Runway Junior

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

These kids come prepared with a fashion vocabulary and a willingness to learn that makes them often better competitors than their adult counterparts. If anything, the stressful schedule of Project Runway resembles that of an overworked design student, so it's no wonder that these teens are prepared to drink cup after cup of coffee and deliver a completed design after the odd all-nighter.

Chopped Junior

Food Network on YouTube

As if navigating an adult-sized kitchen wasn't hard enough, these kids also have to deal with all of the normal Chopped pitfalls, from strange, unusable ingredients, to the dreaded ice cream machine (there is never enough time to churn two batches, folks!).


This series attempts to inspire girls to start their own businesses by taking a group of eight young companies and their female founders and giving them challenges meant to test their ideas and sharpen their — and if you know an up and coming girlstarter, the series is casting now for Season 2.

Lip-Sync Battle Shorties

Nickelodeon on YouTube

And, as an honorable mention, this series is still forthcoming, with a season order at Nickelodeon for ten episodes, but no announcement for a premiere date or even a host yet. However, since the adult version of the series is so popular, it should be the next series to watch for talented kids to prove their impressive abilities — of which there's clearly many, a lot more than just Little Big Shots to catch up on this summer.