Will Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Line Come To The UK? (& If So, When?)

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It seems like every celebrity worth their salt has their own beauty line these days. From Lady Gaga to Victoria Beckham, Kesha to Claudia Winkleman, many celebs have tried their hand at makeup and skincare. And now Selena Gomez is trying her hand at it. So what can we expect from the line, and when will Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez come to the UK? Here's everything we know so far.

The first thing to say about Rare Beauty is that it seems to come with an inspiring message behind it, direct from Selena herself. In a video on Twitter, where Gomez announces the line, she shares what we can expect in terms of the message and ethos of the brand, if not the products just yet.

The collection is inspired by Gomez's new found attitude to just being herself, rather than trying to be perfect all the time. It's all about wearing makeup to feel good for ourselves, rather than caring what other people think about us or how they see us.

During an Instagram Live where she debuted the line, Gomez explained:

"It’s not just a brand. It’s going to be a lifestyle. I want girls and boys and men and women to feel comfortable. It’s [Rare Beauty] meant to be enjoyed, it’s very special. We are not meant to look like everybody else, we’re meant to look like ourselves."

She also revealed she has been working on this for an impressive two years, and a big part of where the brand is going will be decided by participation with her fans. "There’s lots and lots of other things I want to share with you guys, but we’re going to share them within a few months," she explained.

"A lot of what’s coming up is going to be in participation with you guys," she said. "I want your help to build the brand because I want it to be real [with] real stories and real people and just a place where people can feel like they’re in a community. Where they don’t feel pressure to look like anything but themselves."

There has been little revealed about the product itself, but in the video teaser, Gomez is seen trying on a range of different things, including what looks like liquid lipsticks and blushers.

Gomez explained that Rare Beauty will hit Sephora stores in North America this summer (2020), and that it will "go globally next year," during her Insta Live. Next year?! That means UK beauty fans will be waiting until 2021. Sigh. I have reached out to her reps to see if I can get a tighter timeline on the UK dates, and will report back.