Why You Might Be Waiting A While For K-Pop Sensation TXT To Tour The UK


Unless you've been very purposely avoiding any sort of media, internet-based or otherwise, you'll be aware that Korean pop or K-pop is huge not only in Korea but across the globe. Newer boy band TXT are already climbing up the charts but will TXT tour the UK in 2020?

I reached out to a representative for the band for any word on potential UK tours and will let you know as soon as I've heard anything back. As things stand however, nothing has been announced regarding any potential UK action in the upcoming year.

The band hit the ground running when they were revealed to the world back in early 2019. As Metro reports, their first album The Dream Chapter: STAR was an instant hit becoming the highest charting debut album by any male K-pop act in history, they also became the fastest K-Pop group to chart on the Billboard 200.

Their second album in 2019, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC is about, "'magical adventures' that boys encounter together with their friends who are different, yet alike." According to their website, the album seeks to, "share their transformation, confusion and exploding emotions that arise during their transition to adolescence."

TXT, AKA Tomorrow X Together, are one of Big Hit Entertainment's more recent additions to their roster. The Korean-based company is well versed in producing globally beloved K-pop including Lee Hyun and the giants that are BTS.

BTS are perhaps the most well known and successful of all K-Pop stars, even being nominated for a Grammy in 2019. They also made fans' dreams come true in the 2020 Grammys ceremony by appearing alongside Lil Nas X in his incredible Old Town Road performance.

As the K-Pop demand steadily increases from British fans, fingers crossed that a TXT UK-wide tour might come to fruition.