Zac Efron & Dylan Efron Are Officially Columbia Sportswear's Hottest Gear Testers

Unfortunately, Zac Efron's new gig requires him to keep his shirt on — but it's all for the cause. Efron and his equally swoon-worthy 25-year-old brother Dylan Efron have passed the first test to be Columbia Sportswear's newest gear testers, and they'll certainly be the hottest, too.

In a funny video with Columbia’s 93 year-old chairman Gert Boyle, the brothers hand in their resumes (or, in Zac's case, headshot) for the chance to officially test Columbia's high-performance outdoor gear (#TestedTough, indeed). Boyle's right — we hardly recognize Efron with a shirt on these days, but he swears he wears them every day in the "interview."

In fairness, both of the guys do seem pretty suited to be gear testers in real life, though. In the 11 (!!) years that have passed since Zac Efron made his High School Musical debut as Troy Bolton (oh, the memories), he's transformed himself into a bona fide, outdoorsy AF adventurer, and he's got the abs to prove it. From joining Bear Grylls on Running Wild to posting his journeys on Instagram, the dude is outside a lot.

But as fit and wildlife savvy as the older Efron is, Dylan Efron is also pretty qualified in all things active. As mentioned in the video, he's a proven endurance athlete who's all about marathons and triathlons.

Lucky for everyone, this doesn't seem like the last we'll see of Zac and Dylan in their Columbia gear testing, but here's a look at their hilarious interview process.

And if you needed more proof that the guys were worthy of putting high-tech outdoor gear to the test, you needn't look any further than Instagram.


It's casual, really.

Even their Netflix time is hardcore.

Who wouldn't trust them to test gear?