Andrea Hannah

Andrea Hannah is an award-winning essayist, author, and workshop leader. She has published a critically-acclaimed young adult novel, and more recently, a guidebook for creatives. Her essays on the tension between art and life have appeared in places like The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Uppercase Magazine, and more. She also writes a monthly love letter, Dear Wild Heart, and teaches on creativity and writing everywhere from multibillion dollar corporations like Google to intimate retreats in northern Michigan. Andrea is also trained in SEO copywriting and marketing using genuine connection to the reader. She has written some of the best performing articles for Bustle and Elite Daily, and consults with corporations and individuals on how to connect with their audience. She'll cover any and every product or experience she thinks is interesting, but she has a special spot for outdoor and fitness gear, and unique wellness trends. When Andrea's not at her computer, she's usually hiking with her dogs, loving up her two kids, reading, or teaching yoga. For more, visit