Ashley Wright

I breastfeed, I workout, I pole dance, I eat, and I guess I'm kinda like a breastfeeding mother-ish leader of the free world! But feel free to read more, because this ain't even half of all that I am and do. A little More About Me: I was always an adventurous kid. Never really was considered to be the “average” kid either, whatever that means. Born and raised in Sun Valley, CA with both my mother and father, I was allowed to own pretty much every animal under the sun as long as I got A’s in school. Being that I thought I was Crocodile Dundee himself, I owned the Honor Roll. So from rodents, birds to amphibians, reptiles and then exotic cat, it was instilled at a very early age a greater appreciation for life and people of all kind. I attended Hampton University and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. My internships were at the Department of Labor – Civil Rights Center, first job after college was Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 2008 I took my first pole dancing class and then Medical Device Sales came next. Getting laid-off was the best thing that ever happened to me. I chopped off even more of my hair, dyed it bright red, hence the birth of Red Swan and hopped on a plane to Spain solo for a month; I should’ve never came back. Pole fitness life led me to many adventures, as I was pretty much a luxurious hobo, able to just enjoy life and give love and value to others. January 4, 2013, I birthed a beautiful daughter named Shannon Marie and since conception have been on a solo mission to enlighten myself and take gigantic leaps in mental, spiritual, emotional, physical growth to provide the greatest life for her. So come journey with me as I travel through motherhood, fitness, finding my sexy, a husband and any other adventure life throws at me. Instagram: MsWrightsWay Twitter: Msashwright Personal FB: Youtube: