CanDace Johnson

Studies show that a woman will go on at least 100 dates before she is married. If that is the case I would have more rings than Saturn. While some women find dating as stressful as a first interview I treat it like a sport, honey, I am the all-star MVP. Through trial and tribulation I have practiced the art of dating, mating and seduction. While my budget may not have allowed for traveling I should have more than 15 stamps in my passport, strictly based on the diversity of men I have dated. Through my adventures I created to answer the most asked question, "How can I meet more men.?" The column Sleeping with MANhattan is featured in L’altro Uomo, a men’s magazine published in Milan, Monroe Magazine, the women’s version and You can also check out the podcast, Sleeping with MANhattan and the book Sleeping with MANhattan is sold on Sleeping with MANhattan is a lifestyle, a global movement a power call to all women and a major celebration of sexy.