Carolyn is a lifestyle news writer for Bustle. Beats covered include social justice, wellness, mindfulness, and mental health — with an emphasis on trauma, traumatic stress disorders, and resilience. She also covers environmental issues, fitness, women's health, sleep research, and financial wellness. Also a contributor to Grow from Acorns and SheKnows Media, Carolyn is a freelance writer and editor with a roster of blogging and copywriting clients. With a background in social work and the performing arts, she's a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). She completed LAMDA's professional post-graduate program in Shakespeare following her undergraduate studies at Portland State University. When not drafting her latest article, poem, or blog post, Carolyn is most likely hanging out with her adorable dachshund, doing yoga, or brushing up on her current language crush via Duolingo. Cooking and learning guitar are also favorite things. You can find her on Instagram @c.lenore.delorenzo, and send pitches to