Cliché Wynter

Cliché is a commerce writer at Bustle Digital Group where she specializes in product-related content. On any given day, you'll find her doling out advice on the best gadgets, fashion, and beauty buys on the market. Often revered for her unabashed honesty, you can rest assured that offering up the truth about merchandise is one of her many callings in life. She attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she studied criminal justice, before realizing law, was in fact, not one of said callings in life. She has since gone on to cover beauty and fashion for publications such as Allure and Teen Vogue. When she isn't fully immersed in all things digital, she likes to spend her time flooding her son's face with kisses (much to his chagrin) and obsessively finding new ways to optimize the space in her New York City apartment.