Dani Morin

My name is Dani! I'm a 26-year old adult (?) who is trying to survive life. I like to write in an entertaining/comical light about the real life struggles of living what I call the "half-adult" life. Writing is my first and foremost passion and something that I enjoy doing on a consistent basis. I started my passion for writing when I was 12 years old and have been doing so ever since. Aside from Bustle you can check out my other reads on my personal blog at lifeaccordingtodani.wordpress.com. I live and write out of Kentucky, a beautiful blue-grassed state I'm proud to call home. I have a fish, two birds, a snake, and two cats (whom I write about a lot!) so my house feels a lot like an animal food chain...or a zoo. Aside from writing I enjoy playing video games and spending time in the sun. I love traveling and discovering new things and places. I am proud to be considered a member of the Bustle Team, and I hope you enjoy my work!