Danielle Guercio
A strange girl with a gold soul, Danielle Guercio a.k.a. Danizig was born in New York City and resides there today. Taste, smell, touch, sight and soundkilling are her superpowers, and she loves to share her knowledge. With a fashion and beauty background and a passion for the humanities, projects in many fields keep her busy most days. She has worked in so many industries, now populating the spaces where fashion, beauty, media and nightlife intersect. Off-duty, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, a clean motherf-ing house, cooking gourmet meals, and studying botany, cosmetic chemistry, and natural healing.

Hacks For Making A Tiny Bathroom Liveable

Apartment living is the norm for more and more millennials, and I can tell you from personal experience that you’re gonna find some wacky, tacky, and downright ridiculously small bathrooms out there if you're renting. When I moved from a dreamy…
By Danielle Guercio