Deanna Michalopoulos
Deanna Michalopoulos is a Brooklyn-based writer, digital marketer, urban yogi and tree stump artist. She can't get enough bear news, good coffee and guacamole. To counteract all that zen, sometimes she pretends she is Gold Dust Woman—a terrifying mash-up of Stevie Nicks and Daenerys Targaryen.
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15 Next-Level Job Hunt Hacks For Recent Grads

Hey Team Just-Graduated-From-College! You're probably nursing your post-college woes on a futon in your parents' basement... or gearing up to apply for your first-ever gigs, if you're really on the ball (seriously, I'm impressed). Let's assume you’ve…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

How to Respond To Different Types of Harassment

Years ago at work, a few managers and I were idly chatting in a tiny office while we waited for a coworker to join our meeting. I was sitting in a chair with my back to the door when suddenly I felt pressure on my shoulders. The other manager had ste…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

15 Habits Only People-Pleasers Understand

My first-ever college boyfriend and his wife came to town last week, and I was evasive about meeting up when he contacted me. Fast forward a few hours later: Me, at a Brooklyn establishment, holding their newborn child, begrudgingly admitting to myse…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

#AskHerMore Takes on Sexist Red Carpet Talk

Feel like playing a drinking game in which you replace shots of Jose Cuervo with a gulp of social outrage? If you’ve ever watched an awards show, like tonight’s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, you’re familiar with the practice of assembling some of the w…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

18 Things Women With Bad Vision Will Understand

I’m extremely nearsighted, so eye examinations always feel like tests I’m doomed to fail. Some people dread the drops that dilate their pupils, while others can't stand the glaucoma screenings that administer a puff of air directly onto their eyeball…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

My Dad's Death Doesn't Mean I Have "Daddy Issues"

“Heard your dad died,” my first grade classmate Francisco said, hovering next to my little locker as I stored my plastic pink tote on a hook. He said it in earnest, as a curious 7-year-old would, after Miss S. shared the news with the class while I w…
By Deanna Michalopoulos

Why, Exactly, Is Objectification Bad?

Every morning while making my bed, I catch my reflection in the mirror across my apartment and lift my shirt to assess my midsection. Turning to the side, sometimes I think, “Not bad.” But more often than not, my eyes linger on the slight bulge of my…
By Deanna Michalopoulos