Dino-Ray Ramos
Dino-Ray enjoys good movies just as much as the bad ones. He hates how the term "geek" is overused but still considers himself a comedy, TV and pop culture geek. Before writing for Bustle, he was a staff writer for the Oakland Tribune and has contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to Bustle, he contributes to Entertainment Tonight Online, Paste Magazine and TheFinerDandy.com. When he isn't stuffing his face with a burrito, you can find him inhaling anything on Netflix, fighting the good fight as a friendly Asian militant or quoting Mikey's classic "Troy's Bucket" speech from "The Goonies."

Did You Know These Actors Were In 'Star Wars'?

The Star Wars franchise has made superstars out of the actors that have appeared in all of the movies. In the original trilogy, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford were mostly unknowns and now they are household names and pop culture…
By Dino-Ray Ramos