Jamie Ballard

Jamie Ballard is a caffeine-addicted writer with a penchant for vintage clothing and Netflix binges. Friends describe her as someone who “oscillates between being unbearably pretentious and painfully self-aware.” She has a completely non-ironic love of waterskiing, 80s music, and pop culture. Jamie hopes to one day be really successful at something, so that Vanity Fair will write a glowing profile of her meteoric rise. A proud San Diego State University student, Jamie spends much of her time in class learning journalism in hopes of one day getting a job as a writer, despite the fact that no fewer than 14 relatives have pointed out that “journalism is dead.” and “STEM fields are where the jobs are.” When she’s not studying or writing feminist manifestos, she can often be found at the gym, where she generally completes a half-hearted 30 minute workout and then wonders why she doesn’t have rock hard abs yet. She also enjoys dancing, exploring new places, reading, and travelling (much like every other young upper-middle class white girl!)